Influence push needs rework ASAP

"Working on it"

That is not the phrase that pvp players want to hear when it comes down to main game feature > Wars.

Everyone cryed for mutation orbs “one per week locking down PVE content”, but same does this influence push.

In 2000 player server, having even 100 active player company with evening online of 50 people still takes too long to push one zone. (50% activity is normal for saturdays/fridays.)

Wars take only 30 minutes, while influence push takes 3h+?

Pushing is boring, not fun, repetitive. Pushing pluses:
1)Open world pvp
2)Token farm
3)Discord chatting

I have some crazy ideas how push could be changed so we have fun content, but I am really interested to hear what community managers have to say regards this time gated pvp system.

There are tons of topics about how bad and boring system is, some of them are even 6 months old.

Can we hear when and how the things will be changed?


the really absurd thing is that no one seems to meaningfully oppose a territory push, as they want the war to happen as well… because at least it’s PvP content


Used to be underdog factions push it really fast – but that resulted in Wars being declared too often and fast. And people complained that their superior numbers completing PvP missions couldn’t push it back compared to a handful of people from the underdog faction. It was so fast that many thought there was an exploit going on.

If the influence push is too fast, once War is declared there’s nothing more to do until the War is resolved.
That 3 hours you are complaining about is a window for many players logging in at different times to have a reason to do influence push missions and a chance to have a meaningful contribution.

The best way is actually to have medium speed pushes but unlimited wars. But this only works if Wars are more like OPR group finder and it can pop as often per day in a territory as people can push it and resolve it.
In turn, that only works if settlement control is completely removed from player influence. No one group is forced to be the defender for every war in a particular Settlement.
This system It solves a lot of other issues as well.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

Exactly this.

We need more reasons to fight against influence push in the open world.

There’s not enough information during an influence push to know if there’s 1 or 10 or 100 players pushing the bar.

We have a rough idea where players are when they push influence but not enough to make a concrete decision of “fight here”… Other then following players out of settlements or camping on their PvP objectives, both gameplay habits are not fun

I would rework it like this.
Capturing the fort, the stations where you get repair parts from start the timers and they generate “Siege supplies” the same as they do in wars and invasions

You can then pick up these supplies and take them back to your faction rep, the more you take back the more influence that is generated people can take back small amounts over loads of members, or they can take back huge amounts on one this gives that choice. If you die with them in your inventory then they are dropped for anyone to pick up publicly - like materials in OPR.

The current missions can still exist along side this.
but it creates another oportunity for meaningful PVP while doing pushes / countering pushes.


Ye, because nobody wants time gate pvp events even more.

This pushing system is kinda exploited by companies with second or third companies.

I still think a once a week war, during Saturday so everybody can join, it would be much more fun. Implement some war declaration system.
On that way will be hard or very hard for any company to hold 2 territories on a active server.
Also small guilds with 50-60 ppl who are holding 3 or more territories will have to give up on all except one, or find new members/allies to defend their other territories.

people quit resisting because its a waste of time, influence very rarely can be stopped. and its open world fighting with no reward other than more war. and to be honest, look at the numbers… number of active players down across the board, number of active servers… .down to 8 usa eastern? pvp’ers are unhappy because the quality of pvp is declining and pve players are quitting because holding a territory means ignore the rest of the game because you have to constantly defend the territory you wanted to have. they just have to face that their game design focusing on pvp is failing, its a slow circle around the drain but the numbers dont lie. its a dying game that will soon be left with maybe 2 or 4 servers per region and hardly anyone left palying. their lack of over 60 content and their desire to have constant pvp territory flipping is killing the game. sad to see so much wasted potential.

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Maybe the amount of opposition the holding faction puts up influences the war itself… Less opposition to the push could result in an easier proposition for the attacking team in the war and vice versa. Less/more siege, faster/slower capping speeds etc

Adding in a few more objectives spread out over the region to minimize ball groups and quest share between group members could result in a frenzy of open world pvp.

even though half the remaining population of the game doesnt want open world pvp? all that happens already is a faction zergs on a targetted territory, to be honest the only time any territory on castle of steel isnt under the threat of war is if its under threat of corruption invasion. i decided that after i talk to my company this friday im putting the game on a shelf. its just too tiring dealing with the constant war. this isnt what it was billed as when i bought it, but theyve spent so many months focusing on and encouraging pvp, probably done with it unless there is a major change in direction. but i have a feeling they will pull an h1z1 just survive move on us and this time next year there wont be any servers to play on.

Simpliest fix is just make amount of influence you need two times less or even three times less.

If we compare to todays system it would be 3% to declare and 30% to cap town.

If someone makes sneaky move and does fast influence, its company management problem not being prepared.

Let completing dungeons as a company group also add towards the fraction push.

It takes a long time to give a chance for defense, to make it harder for 3 AM caps. Whether or not people actually show up to stop the push is a different issue entirely.

Entire influence / war system needs an overhaul. It should be exciting with lots of open world PvP, with multiple stages, before culminating in the instanced war.

They cannot go open world pvp because of these lags and desyncs, thats why i they choose instanced PVE and pVP content. We are fine with that, just make the influence it self interesting…

I think a lot of it can be open world. Just not THE DECIDING factor.

I am thinking something like. Push to conflict (which can be more interesting). Then the zone is in conflict and now everyone in it is flagged and there are cool events, both PvE and PvP, before it gets pushed to the next stage… and the last stage is the war, which is in a more controlled environment.

I just hope wars somehow migrate to the open world and eventually they can get rid of the player limits.

Oh there is a lot of ideas how to make influence, some are zergy, some are not.

If they don’t have enough resource to remake influence, just make it faster…


Throw out the mission system for influence gain and make forts the focal point.

  • Capturing and holding a fort raises influence.
  • The influence goes up slowly so that the territory owners have at least a day or two to react and attempt the take back the fort
  • influence is reset when the territory owner takes the fort back
  • If the fort is held by a hostile faction and the other hostile faction takes it the influence is not reset, only reduced by 20-30%

Of course, in order for this to work the forts have to actually function has hardened positions that can be defended. Only the faction that holds the fort should be able to just walk through the doors without knocking them down first. AI defenders should be present at all times. Siege weaponry should be usable by both sides etc.


50% faster influence wont make people more sad.