Information for the transfers?

I realy realy dont get, why we have to wait soooo long for the transfers. And now its again disabled. This game is far away from a perfect status of the game, many things are disabled or dont work properly.

My Server is a extreme Streamer Server, where the whole Server is controlled from only one Fraction and one Person. I realy realy realy wanna transfer, we made the plans, talked to Guilds on new server, and get everything ready. We even bought materials for the transfer, and now its all lost. Big money loses because we does not traveld instantly.

And on top of that, no information for anything. Yea we know its disabled… but we waited a long time for that, and now we are waiting again.

65 portal loot? Disabled. (ok, only the big ones)
Outpostrush? Disabled.
Server Transfer? Disabled.

Please do something, or give us some information on whats planned and in wich periods of time. New World got peeks from 900.000 ppls on the same time. Its going down to 450k, so pls go ahead, before this game turns into a flop. I gues thats a thing noone here wants to see.

Thanks for everyone who took the time to read my bad english flame, have a nice day.

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