Information - Helpful Links!

Hello travelers!

Welcome to the Support section! If you take look around you’ll find loads of great information for some self troubleshooting here! This post is going to include a few links to some useful information should you need it.

We’d like to first direct your attention to the Introduction thread: Welcome to New World Adventurers! There’s useful, basic troubleshooting information there, as well as officially tracked, current Game issues. This thread will be updated periodically with updated and relevant information.

Next, we’d like to include the link to the New World Support page for Amazon Game Studios. Here you can find more troubleshooting suggestions for various technical issues.

A key callout for this page is the In-Game Support tab.The In-Game support section area is where you will go to appeal a ban should you need to. You can also submit feed-back as well as reporting a player.

Finally, we’d like to ensure you have the FAQ - New World link as well. There’s a lot of great questions listed in the FAQ, go give it a look over, it may answer a question you have!

An extra credit link! If you follow this link to our Developer post Tracker, you can keep tabs on what our Community Managers, and our Game Developers are posting about! This is a great way to keep up on upcoming news, patch information, or potential downtime periods.

Hopefully this topic helps, and you’re able to find the information you’re after. However, if that’s not the case, and you’re still unable to find what you’re looking for, and need support, feel free to post a Topic here for us! We’re here to support the Players just as much as the Game teams.

We hope you have an amazing time adventuring through Aeternum!