Ingame Mailbox!

do i really have to say more? a mail box would be good to be able to send things to my friends even if they arent online and to collect gold from the marketplace instead of it just going straight in to my balance



I would like to be able to mail my kids items for them to use.

4 different accounts and they are off playing in different regions. no one wants to spend azoth to come get stuff.

its also annoying, we cant share the house as a “family home” we are a company , but stuff we like to explore out from the centralized place.

I understand the game is new. but quality of life stuff will keep the kids from being annoyed and leaving game when its too frustrating

The fact that an MMO does not have a Postal system is bizarre. Especially in a game where the entire economy relies on player to player trades.

Just want to bump this. Desperately need mailboxes to improve quality of life. Crafting being expensive to do, people in our company have chosen specialized professions and being able to send items to each other while not being online at the same time would be a huge help. Would also be a great way to handle trading post sales notifications too. Would be great if they were tied to house ownership too so it wouldnt become another avenue for botspam.

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True! i agree 100%

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