Injustice situation about server transfers at some cases

At low pop servers, there usually one big company taking the whole advantage of that empty server with all farmable materials, farmable places and making their high tier items (voidbent armors) for all their company members in a row.

Then they thinking changing server when they complete that voidbent armor for most member process. And then they will go to a mid/high population server and then they will crush some companies and will take their lands from them there. while the companies there are tring to find orichalcum veins for void ore, and trying to make voidbent. trying to level their lifeskills with gather things while the empty server the company almost own the whole orichalcum veins, the whole gathering points and can easily farming this and can be a strong company more easily than the ones who are in high pop or mid pop server.

isnt this a injustice for the companies who had to compete too many people for these gathering items and spend hours to find a empty orichalcum vein to farm, etc etc ? a company in my server is doing that and already i saw 4 or 5 of them started to wear voitbend armorset in these last 5 days i guess.

i think devs should had given a time limit to use the server change tokens to prevent that kind of things. cuz these people are thinking like “we have the token, we can take the whole empty server advantages for 1-1.5 month and then we can go other server”.

what is your opinion about this ?

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