Input Latency Increased by 100ms between 12/2 and 12/11

I believe that AWS uses these compute servers as VM’s for instance data, storage and API reference; not sure why it would be routing to Europe though… You may want to run tracert using your VPN to the region where you were getting normalized latency and see if there are any noticeable peering issues.

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After getting on my VPN, the New World client is still pushing data to same AWS Global Accelerator address.

However, when I do a tracert I get this:

That final IP shown is now Seattle. Not Ashburn W. Virginia.

@GoHi Do you have any thoughts and/or is there any way we can escalate this? I’m not sure what to do now besides continue running my VPN. :grimacing:

Sorry for the delay.

I want to thank @Bizi for providing additional information on this topic. :sunglasses:

For sure @Thaeds, we can escalate it. Let me send you a PM.

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i am experiencing similar issues since yesterday.
due to living in peru i never had a perfect connection to any server, but till yesterday i was able to play completely fine playing on the SA servers. formerly i was having a stable 160 to 180 input latency and that is around the latency i am getting today as well but with a big difference of unusual spikes of 200/300 up to a crazy 700ms.
Reading this topic i looked up resource monitor and i am not sure what to think about it.
As i said i am playing on a SA server but looking up the connections, all the data i am sending to a sa server, but all the data i receive is coming from us-west and the spikes and lag i am getting are from this us-west server when from a normal 15 to 20 B/sec it spikes to a 100 to 300 B/sec.
I guess that might be usual game data i am receiving, but why am i receiving it from us-west and not SA?


same problem, play on EU server, but secondary connection to US-WEST or globalaccelerator causes game to have upwards of 2k latency spikes.


AGS will refuse to acknowledge that their servers are soggy potato skins. The Mod who responded just copy pasted basic steps from another site. Everyone in the game has the same issue with high latency.
Although before the patch I was at 60-70ms, and after I am now at a steady 38-44 so they done some improvement? However New world ping is still twice as much as I get from all other games which I have around 16-20ms.

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Lmao it’s just bad netcode and poor game

My guess is that this is caused by the Server Authentication stuff which then causes all the input lag.

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what is netcode ? It seems to be lack of multiple thread network / asynchronous calls, full priority is given to the secondary asset streaming server or whatever it is, cutting off all traffic of primary connection to game server

apart from receiving the data from us-west, what is confusing to me is that AWS S3 is a datastorage service while EC2 is a database service. Which would consider that we actually receive files like *.png, *.pdf or whatever but that does not make any sense as the game data like textures, characters etc. should be stored on our local machines or am i wrong here? And actual data like moving, gathering, opening chests like that is send to a database to be validated and being send back to us. to confirm that the action we just did was possible. At least thats what i understood from this thread here

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  1. test towards a 2nd or 3rd location such as or other speed testing website to verify issue isnt your router/connection.

  2. perform a “tracert” command through cmd towards New Worlds IP to confirm if the issue is caused by you, your ISP or at AGS.

  3. you can isolate the issue further by performing these acts with a 2nd device such as connecting ur phone to your wi-fi then disabling its mobile net and perform the tests above. even better if you have a 2nd laptop/pc of course but i assume u got 1 pc and 1 phone ^^

depending on the results you gain from these 2 steps it should isolate the issue a bit more so you know if the issue is on your end, in between & possibly where in between.

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Hello @GoHi and everyone

Hope your doing great!

I’m not trying to meddle in, instead, I’m just bringing official news, because this problem has been such a headache for everyone, in fact our dev team has posted the cause and root of this whole issue that ended up whit unexpected ping hops and spikes within players play-through. This issue mostly affected US West servers.

Here’s the official post:

I hope this information granted has been provided you gives a great and helpful insight.

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Thank you very much for the additional information! :sweat_smile:

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Just want to give you guys an update from my side.
Apparently AWS fixed the problem with their us-west servers and i don’t experience any weird huge spikes from the s3 bucket anymore. But since the winter update yesterday all my data is send to us servers now (Wichita Kansas), leaving me with a more or less constant 260ms latency now from the former 160ish i had when my data was send to south american servers…
I guess i don’t have to tell you guys that playing on a ping like that i useless, as my character is just rubber banding around all the time when harvesting, skinning or whatever action.

Why the hell i am even playing on a SA server when all my data is being send and received from another continent?
Can any dev explain me this?

I’m just a layman here but if that is the case and that clearly shows it… you might not be back at full strength. There is a reason they are routing you to another country. We can all speculate why… but going around your elbow to scratch your tail doesn’t seem practical unless other systems are still down.

Alguna solución por el momento? llevo 2 semanas aproximadamente con el mismo problema, no es posible que desde Chile me tire 150ms a un servidor de USA y 250ms a un servidor LATAM… wtf. Estoy por dejar el juego qlo

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When can we expect a fix for this issue? My input latency is still at 175 when it was 70 prior to this issue. I haven’t been able to play the game since and won’t be playing till this issue is resolved.

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Guys give up your hopes, there is plenty of topics about this problem, one of them having roughly 500 replies, but no way AGS will acknowledge they have sh*ttyy netcode/servers. They will just copy pasta some troubleshooting which where probably half useful in the early 2000’s and then will disappear when you ask them the reason why an US player should be routed to Eu servers and viceversa. All these spikes/rubberbanding started when 1.03 went live and got worst patch after patch. Stop rubbing some tiger balm on your ethernet cables, as adviced from the mod, cause it will not solve our issue :wink:

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The issues is persisting for such a long time and they don’t even seem to know where/how to find a fix. Should probably take a break also since there is nothing on our end to do.

Ive did the same as you, tried all the settings possible for my network adapter, including driver settings, ingame bandwidth option, changed DNS - nothing, nothing seems to work from my end. It also happens everywhere in the game no matter what I do, especially in Outpost Rush. I just cant play and enjoy the game anymore

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