Inquiry - Paid Server Transfers?

AGS, any word on when we will be able to purchase transfer tokens? The “high population” server I transferred to has began to show signs of decreased activity - and as more and more players take breaks from the grind, it’s become harder and harder to fill groups.

Don’t make it so hard for me to spend money on my favorite game!


The Proverbial White Knight

Hello @Fastidious! We’re glad you’re enjoying the game. unfortunately, there are still players out there who haven’t had the opportunity to use their one free transfer token and we want to allow everyone the fair chance to transfer to their server of choice. Once the issue blocking them from transferring has been fixed and everyone has had the opportunity to transfer, then the team will start looking into this.

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This 1 free transfer, is this for a limited period of time or do we permanently get 1 free transfer?

Hello there @Zerocs , when u talk about some players that didn’t had the opportunity to use their one free transfer, i think u might be talking about the region transfers that are not available yet.
But some players, one of my cases (i talk for myself), change for another server, and i am stuck in +7h queue, unable to play this game, who i was rlly enjoying. (Server i transfered didn’t had queue before, when second transfers opened it, it just got full full full)
I just reach lvl 60, and after that couldn’t play the game anymore, cause i don’t have a lot free time to do it, and queues are just insane. People like me, need a new token, i don’t matter pay for it. But at least would be doing something about it, and not only losing my pleasure to play it…
Well i know we need to have all in mind, and give opportunity to all, but for ones, others are losing a lot (like me).

All said, greetings Julithx

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I would pay to transfer. I decided to listen to my friend and transfer to his server and it’s so dead… Trading posts are all empty can never fill a group to do anything. I barely play the game now due to this.

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