[ INSANE EXPLOIT ] Infinite Orichalcum

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    INSANE New World Exploit, infinite orichalcum vein, void ore farming spot - YouTube
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Dear moderators, could you please check?

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This bug was already reported over a week ago and is most likely fixed already in the upcoming patch: Infinitely Respawning Orichalcum

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Yes! CullanP is right. We’re aware of this exploit and have surfaced it to the team for a fix.


That looks to me to be pretty obviously by design: the boss spawn mechanic. It’s clearly bad design, however, and should be changed so people can’t just infinitely mine a resource that normally takes the longest to respawn.

I don’t get why they are complicating everything for no reason and adding unnecesary bugs and exploits?

They could have thrown down a normal orichalcum ore like the ones anywhere on the map and it would have worked just fine.

Same with some bosses that despawn and un-aggro

Becquerel, if bosses don’t un-aggro someone could take a ranged weapon and solo the bosses from a safe spot. Back in the days of yore you could get bears stuck in a running animation stuck between 2 camps. Which at one point in time was the fastest way to level.

I get that but sometimes they abritrarily de-aggro because someone designed the boss arena wrong (For example the Malevolence final boss, you probably never seen it because it un-aggros and despawns 10 steps outside the spawn position…and never respawns) Or that dude next to the infinite Ori, he unaggros literally 1 second after you aggro him…

do you aware of invincibility bug when war for territory starts? attackers just run on cap points and become invincible!

Is there any sort of communication that will be announced regarding this?

On the Heliopolis server the prices of legendary mining materials are tanking fast. I’ve spent days mining things legitimately to get full voidbent and now there are people dumping materials because this is becoming more well-known. We have people AFKing the spot to keep it from auto-respawning, but some recourse to stabilize the market needs to be done.

Thanks @Luxendra Thanks @CullanP

Please don’t take me wrong, it’s a legitmate question, and sorry to deviate from topic. Since the popularization of this kind of bug (most players knows many other critical bugs, thanks to this forum and streamers), several rare/epic/legendary drops became common drops. If we consider that they have been exploited since day 1 and will continue to be for as long as it takes to fix them, do you believe that there is a way to fix the mess in the economy and balance? Do you know if AGS has a plan to revert this situation?

It fells like the game mechanics are been replaced by bugs, something like “exploit bug #1 > go to war > exploit bug #2 > go to war…”

Again, i’m not trying to flame, i’m loving NW and i wish the best to this game, but i have to close my eyes to many things if i don’t want to feel like a fool.

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