Insane queue times are back

Seriously Amazon, the moment you activate server transfers the game is back to its 1k long queue. Why do I have to wait 2-3 hours in order to play again?

Supposedly you have already fixed those problems by increasing capacity and not allowing transfers or new characters if the server is already full. But I guess nothing of the sort was fixed, but you just used the decline in player base in order to take credit for fixing an issue you did nothing about? Where are the tools that block other people from coming over?

I am talking about the Hades (EU) server, which in your server status of course you don’t show him as full or anything so even more people will keep coming.

Please do something else the decline will be even more rapid after people have to wait 2-3 hours to play again. It has been more than a month since release, this kind of issues are totally not okay. I have reached end game and now that the fun started, you are making us waste all of our free time waiting in queue.


They need to just expand the max capacity of the major servers.

What grinds my gear is that people keep saying that they are developers that listen to feedback and learn from their mistakes. But I simply don’t see that here. Simply don’t activate server transfers if you don’t have a failproof way, because in order to save dead servers, you are doing harm to healthy ones as well.

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They have a tendency of fixing one problem and introducing 2 new ones in the process.
Most of this is because they did not fully think it thru, did not look at all the angles, did not test out all the effects, did not take a large enough sample size, etc…

Honestly this is quite frustrating. I thought we were done with this nonsense and now we are back to week 1 levels of queues.

I just finished an outpost rush match, got a long black screen then I was booted straight to the menu and now I have to wait hours (5, according to the tracking site) just to get back in and possibly experience the same thing again.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like anything was fixed and you might be right that they never actually increased server cap.

The insane queue times are indeed frustrating. For reference Hellheim EU has a 1.3k queue currently at 22:00. To me that seems like there are between 1.5 to 2 times the amount of active players on the server compared to what the max amount should be.

The world also doesn’t feel any more alive/active after the transfers. The only thing that allowing transfers to these active servers has done is increase queue times. Hopefully Amazon is more careful about opening transfers to these full servers in the future.

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They can’t I don;t think the servers get laggy as it it when there’s the full 2000 on.

And because the transfer is one-time use and has no other way to transfer anymore, players have the fear to try random servers and will target the most popular ones getting stuck on their choice and a wave of rebalancing will not happen.

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