Insatiable Gravity Well bug?

Hello, i was testing gravy well and noticed the perk insatiable gravity well doesnt always activate. @Luxendra @BRGF

How to do it:

  1. Throw gravy well at player in duel.
  2. Sit and wait for it to explode.
  3. Notice the dmg doesnt activste twice as stated in the insatiable perk description.

Then do another test:

  1. Throw the well at player in duel.
  2. Light attack player in well 2-3x while inside gracy well.
  3. Notice the well will explode twice as per the perk statement.

Even then it doesnt always activate twice. But doing dmg seems to help it trigger. Ive done about 20 tests.

You need to hit the other player with the axe during the gravity we’ll animation in order to trigger Insatiable Gravity Well. This has always been the case.

Weird. I wonder why that isnt stated in the description. And i wonder how much damage is needed for the perk to activate.

I tried hitting a heavy, and it seems to only activate 50% the time when doing 1 heavy. I wonder if im not doing enough damage.

The perk should state: when damaging a player inside a gravity well, the well will explode twice. But it doesnt say anything close to that.

Sorry, i wasn’t clear. You need to hit during the activation of the ability, WITH the activation of the ability.
When you activate gravity well, you swing the axe in an uppercut motion, similar to Charge. You need to hit with that uppercut. You need to be standing against your target - not throwing the well away from you.

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I can certify not , i’ve made some test and with the perk , you only need to be in a certain range from the center of the bubble to trigger the 2nd damage from the perk, no need to do anything else .
But i havent tested it recently so , my last test was a month ago i think.

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