Insert obligatory grumbling about maintenance

I actually have slept through it up to now cause I had played overnight. Also this is my first post on the forum cause I kinda didn’t know it existed…

Uuuh, anyways, Syndicate hest faction, suck it Greens and Yellows! (actually jk, y’all are great unless your in a company made up of hyper aggressive a-holes)

This whole downtime thing… I uh… don’t care for it.

Somebody tell Bezos.

I’m not surprised by it, tbh. Years of playing games like Vindictus, Runescape, etc have numbed me to exceptionally long downtimes. Best thing to do is just fill the time with something else. I’d suggest something away from the computer, helps keep ya limber and avoid any adverse effects of staring at a screen for too long

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