Inspection of other players

Issue: Currently no practical way exists to see what other people are wearing, aside from spamming chat with all your equipped items.

This hurts all aspects of group content. Eg, you may have a tank wanting to do lvl 60+ elites, but they are in rubbish thank gear, which you’d rather find another tank .

Fix: Allow players to inspect one another’s equipped gear.


This entire post is a proof why they shouldn’t add this. Elitism shouldn’t be encouraged.


As there is close to none equipment variety, you almost “know” what the other is using.

As much as I don’t like inspections because they can be toxic as hell, HOWEVER since orbs are near and dear to people and you can lose them so easy I think it would be a feature you should be able to use for dungeons. Especially carnelians, and talents just to make sure they can tank, and life staff abilities, not just 2 or 3 points and they’ll “level” it when inside.


then wtf do they have a store where you can buy skins for gear… elitism is in every game. period.
There are more benefits to allowing player inspection.

Imagine saying this while we have already 9 full transmog bundles. Well there isn’t hard or challenging end game content, but they’ll eventually add it and people are going to find some annoying ways how to check gear. For example screenshot of your character on Discord.

Oh and by the way, I’m not going to waste my time with undergeared tank in the dungeon,I had to spend 10 hrs to get Orb thanks to stupid system.

This reply is the reason why Gear Inspections are needed.

No one wants to waste their time or in-game money carrying a random through content. Especially if that random is the primary reason they lose the content, ie expedition.

Elitism is nothing to do with it. It is about respecting everyone’s time. If you’re undergeared or not in the desired build, go find another group. It is really simple. Don’t waste yours and everyone else’s time.

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