Instance the Gathering Nodes - Plenty of feedback on this already

Now that most servers have medium population or higher, gathering is a pain.
There aren’t enough of certain items for what the demand is, and no good alternatives to gain $$ for purchasing them.

Additionally, many people don’t go PvP flagged, and while some retaliate by leading a mob train, they might get banned for griefing in turn (mixed feelings on the ban system)?

I have seen plenty on this topic, but here’s an idea:

  • Instance the nodes so PvP/PvE nodes are separate, and flagged vs unflagged can both get the node (not sure how to manage the CD for someone who attempts to gather both flagged and unflagged but I am not getting paid to solve this)


  • Instance the node for individual on a cooldown (everything else already has a GD cooldown anyway)

Thanks for your time! @Luxendra @Kay @NW_Mugsy @TrevzorFTW
I have also left feedback in game, but don’t know if that is a dead end or not…

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