Instances insane desync

Is anyone else experiencing extreme desync in expeditions? from The Depths upwards it’s just very laggy, you get damaged way before the animation

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I have the same problems (on Tir Na Nog) with fibers 2Gb/s Up and Down bandwidth

Everyone in Niflheim is experiencing the same

It’s a frustrating experience currently and still no word from AGS. This affects main quest and tank/healer reputation development. I tried tanking a couple of times but I’m not touching them again until it’s fixed.

They already killed open world pvp for leveling and now they are breaking PvE… But hey, AFKers are a big issue… At least some news or post that they are aware and working on a solution…

Iardanes has had this problem for about 4 days now, no word on it being fixed and I’m not feeling like it’s a good sign that only a few servers are having this problem.

I’m on lardanes as well its unplayable they will start to lose player base soon if they don’t do something soon

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