Instant camp is OP

while funny at first, it gets extremely obnoxious and abused to get people stuck over and over. which ever faction has the fort buff just goes around and trys to get people stuck in camps for as long as possible lol.


AGS should start punishing ppl for intentionally exploiting, dont see why they let people exploit the game.


Ags would have like a 1k player base left if they did!

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Except they DO let people exploit the game. They try to close exploits but they don’t hand out punishments. Never seen any proof of it. Or if they did punish cheaters, it was token and the cheaters just came right back.

Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

This game is on life-support. If they started banning/suspending people in any serious number it’d pretty much be functionally dead.

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The game will be fully dead if the only people left are using exploits to trap other players.

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IDK why they don’t just remove collision on camps?

We’ve had multiple issues with camps - cosmetic camps used to have you respawn inside them that they only recently fixed.

People use camps to access areas they aren’t supposed to

Putting camps near resource nodes like Ori

Now the instant camp trapping shenanigans

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Was trapped near windsword, spent 10 minutes trying to teleport, and then was killed. Very funny, great experience. If I could get those guys in real life, probably I’d play with them same game, but instead of camp - my car spawning on their head.

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Instant camp? What? Is there a new exploit?

I had been stucked 10 Times by the same player who decided to bore me.
It s anti game…
Freak people !


To trap bots

Yeah, you’re not wrong, honestly. AGS is kind of damned if they do, damned if they don’t, at this point. I’d bank on not punishing exploiters being the safer route, given that the remaining player base has shown that they’re in deep enough that they’ll put up with just about anything and keep playing.

Are you saying dupes and RMT can get you banned, but literally harassing players by trapping them and killing them while they are defenseless is not? I don’t have to use the trade post, but I cannot choose who to play with. It is both cheating and harassment. Fort swapping needed a hotfix because it lessened the grind, but other players making you not able to play the game is not a big deal? I guess this is why everyone says to “abuse early and often” and no one wants to come back. Dupe World not New World, right?

Yes, exactly. I’m not saying it’s good. But that’s just how it is.

Because they can’t afford to lose anyone. Even the bots. It’s funny.

Can someone explain this?

You really couldn’t figure it out by reading the comments?


They said it’s a bannable offense. If it happens to you report the player and move on. It’s a meme on my server. “Oh, good job with the camp exploit. Enjoy the ban.”

I can look at some and guess their age but that doesn’t mean i got it right

So are you gonna tell me?

Good luck!