Instead of making crafting useless, make it better

The changes on the dev blog force everyone to do the watermark grind and make the grind slightly easier. It also massively nerfs crafting.

Here’s a better idea.

Either do everything you are planning to do but add the following.

Remove item drops from level 60+ enemies. Replace them with crafting components (not the existing crafting materials, leave those as they are). Crafting components have a type that allows them to be used in certain items and are tradable. They have some stats such as gear score bonus (increases the gear score of the item when crafting) and a perk. The stats on the crafting components can scale with watermark and should have some randomness to them so that it is possible to get rare but exceedingly good components.

When crafting, each item requires one or more component. Maybe it’s optional or the crafter can create generic components that are ok but not as good as dropped components. Maybe they have no perks on them and thus the final item will only be green.

This will allow crafters to create items with more specific perks, instead of having to create dozens of high gear score items, choosing the attributes or ONE perk and rolling the dice for a decent combo of perks.

Players without crafting skills can sell the components they get or find a crafter to create an item for them.

The benefits of this are:

  • Crafting becomes more fun, less random
  • Crafting is a more important part of the game instead of less important
  • You still don’t have to level crafting, you just have to find someone to craft for you. This increases incentives to interact with other players which is kind of the point of an MMO, it will help make it feel like a real world.

If you want to keep the game interesting for the end game, you could add on this far more controversial idea… Increase the durability on items by a LOT, remove repair parts, make repair kits a bit more expensive to craft, reduce the maximum durability on items by 10% each time they are repaired and remove the watermark system entirely. When the item is down to maximum of 10% original durability, it can’t be repaired anymore.

Instead of grinding to increase watermark score, players can grind for top tier components. Players would probably only use their BEST gear in pvp but have decent gear for grinding. The grinding gear can be easily replaced with good enough crafting components.

With the current system gear score is a number that reflects how much time you have spent playing the game. The point of the game is to get your gear score high… That’s kind of lame if I’m being honest.

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