Instead of Nerfing Firestaff every patch, rework maybe?

The ones that complain about Firestaff , simply don’t understand game mechanics and how it can easily be countered .

First off, NO ONE is slotting ruby in PVP and having issues against it.

Secondly, You can easily auto attack and out damage the flamethrower. Most melee weapons knock people out of flamethrower.

An already hardly slottable weapon in wars is officially dead to wars with the upcoming flamethrower nerf (again).

So AGS. Maybe rework the entire staff? You have consistently nerfed a C tier weapon into hardly usable.

You took away the CQC of flamethrower with upcoming change. So if you are hardstanced on that you need to increase range of attacks , speed of heavy attacks, and make a viable ranged attack that actually does dependable damage, pillar ain’t it.


Another suggestion is to Make incinerate animation quicker.

Since we have No CC, No stun, No Roots, No true ranged threat outside of an unreliable Fireball that falls through map., If we aren’t getting those things then we need burst damage.

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