Instruments could be good

If your adding instruments, add a bard class. I don’t wanna deal with applying more buffs for game play. Trophy’s, luck armor, foods for attributes , food buffs for luck, crafting food buffs and needing a town buff to craft what you worked for. Enough with buffs like come on.

I don’t wanna say we want, but id like to see everyone be able to play on same footing without needing a million buffs to do basic game play.

P.s Bard class could simply use music to make monsters fight each other. Which would be great for healers since there solos pve is garbo.

They don’t need to add a bard class. They could just add REALLY good songs that only work in instances of something.

You can’t use a weapon while playing anyways, so TECHNICALLY you could have one person buffing / debuffing (playing guitar hero) during a dungeon while the rest fight.

Really just need some sort of stat scaling and gem/perk system and BOOM! You’re a bard if you wanna be.

bard class in most games just makes monsters fight each other with music. However im saying the hole idea of having to apply more buffs sounds lame. Id rather a new class then have to apply more buffs.

Well I guess what I’m saying is that you don’t need to make the instrument a “weapon” to make it function as one…

It still would function as one you play your song which makes monsters fight each other, a lot of other games have done it. Also falls more in the fantasy realm, then guitar hero in the back ground but your idea still better then there’s by a long shot :stuck_out_tongue: