Interesting pvp concept suggestion please comment guys after you read

Hi everyone,

i am Duilin of gondol from Asgard EU central.

First of all I’ve played new World more than 1000 hours. :blush: In my opinion developers trying to make their best about bring some exciting improvements. Lastly they carried out mutators update on ptr which is nice for PVE players which is nice.

but we all know this game lacks of pvp content. I’m here to propose what i thought it would be nice for PVP players.

Lets think about a spesific map (PVP ZONE) that can be entered same as outpost rush. Name can be change ofc.
To be more clear. I will ask questions and answer them by myself.And also i will put a ultimately simple painting :blush:

1 .What will PVP zone be like ?

  • Since there are 3 factions there must be 3 base for players to respawn and get their goods at their storage and also with a trade post.
  • These bases should be at same distance to the centre of the map.
  • These bases should be unreachable by other factions member because no and must have at least two different exit ( back and front) because no one wants to get caged by their rivals or wouldnt want to die instantly. ( like we experienced in OPR back in days. )
  1. What we will earn by fighting in pvp zone ?
  • The best part is here . The players who knocked down other factions members in PVP zone will earn Honor Points. And you can always check your honor points in your character interface by pressing ‘’k’’.

NOTE : Why did i say knocking down enemies instead of killing them because knocking down enemies is the important part nobody will get rewarded for killing knocked down enemies who is just lying on ground :blush: which is so bad in actual state of OPR.

  1. What’s the point of getting honor points ?

You will earn a rank in your faction also in general. And they will be published in official website with your name if you search for your server. People can see first 200 rank in official website of new World.

And if player got their ranks in first 50. They will earn a spesific title. These titles will vary by their ranks for instance im just making it up right now. the number 1 rank will get the title of ‘’DRAGON SLAYER ‘’ next to their names and all people will know that player have the most honor points in the server and if they löse their ranks their ranks will be taken back.

  1. Weekly Rewards
  • The honor points will also be counted as weekly and first 50 rank will be rewared by valuable chests.

Thats all guys if you like it you can also add some more with your comments. Im just here to enjoy the game and as a pvp player i think im not … need some improvements in the meaning of pvp.

  1. What’s going to players do in that PVP ZONE other than getting honor points ?
  • Although answer is simple as upside, still it can give us more. Ofc its a pvp zone but it would be nice to place some random named spesific bosses in the monument zone with a spesific valuable late game drops. Or the veins those give more than regular amount of recources and of course there will be nice competition to farm these recources which will be exciting.

  • There will be standard mobs but they will not agro to players unless players attack them.

4.1 What do you mean by random spesific named bosses ?

  • Players can encounter with those creatures in the monument zone which is the centre of PVP zone. And They will respawn fully random like a big turkey event. Their drops will be like loaded dice + stacked deck their drops will be too much satisfying people literally would stand there for hours waiting the bosses to respawn but no one knows when they will :blush:

but there will be only one rewarded group they will drop only for the ones deals most damage to the boss.



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I accept any proposal of agreed pvp, where two or more players decide to fight on their own as the same arenas but forcing players to fight in a zone for a specific item or drop, will never be a good solution because you will only focus more the niche of the game than it already is with the wars. Nobody likes to be forced to do anything and even less in a game that seeks to have fun. Besides, we all know how that will end. If you don’t go in with a zerg of 100 people you will probably get slaughtered over and over again.

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I dont think most servers got enough people for this concept…

I play Elder Scrolls Online, I think you had played to.

Cyrodill and Imperial city are really interesting and I like.

The big problem for me it is that they are empty and only in pvp events (that happen only 2 or 3 times a year) we have same fun.

I see that pvp players are moved for rewards and scoreboards.

Don’t take me wrong, I think the pvp zone it is interesting but they will take years to implement.

For now to save pvp the most important it is the rewards and we can have this soon and we can have this in Open World pvp, OPR right now if AGS want.

But I hope we can have BG arenas and maybe a pvp zone, but I think like WOW we don’t have a pvp zone but we have pvp events in the Open World that bring pvprs to be concentrated in a specific area for the event duration.

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