International EU Servers

I don’t like my current EU DE/EN Server and want to join an international one with a majority of english speaking people.
Problem: I don’t know which Europeans have claimed their Servers inofficially. It doesn’t help me, when suddenly everony is speaking swedish, russian or czech.

Can you suggest me a server?

I just keep deleting my toons one after another due to absolutely unacceptable behaviour of people… I found this list right now maybe can help you as well.
NW server list and streamer servers to join or avoid
imho Bensalem is a nightmare as well… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Yeh I tend to agree I deleted about 4 or five chars. It is difficult to understand for Amazon I feel that about 340 of the 400 million people living in the EU do not speak English. This is about 6 to 1. Thereby I feel they should have launched, if one eu server was not possible for them, identifying merely one or two servers for each nation, IE – blahblah - EN ----------- blahblah - IT ------------ blahblah - ES etc. Dual nationality servers need balancing for them to work IMO.

I am honestly confused why we don’t have separate English speaking servers in any case, unless they are using them to currently lighten the load of other servers which will become English only once the player count goes down?

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