Introduce a Bard weapon

It would be nice if in a dlc would come a bard weapon for extra/second support weapon. What do you all think?


Yes… A bard class would be fantastic.
They could use a lute, voice or a flute for normal fighting…a drum for war…

But what ‘magic’ would these musical instruments do???
1… inspire their colleagues in the battle.
2… Terrify enemies, make them weak.
Just a couple of ideas.

Bards would be a fantastic addition to New World.

But… we may grow tired of their tunes… lol

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I like this idea i was discussing it with a friend the other day there is so many possibilities

We can only wish for it. It would add interesting mechanics. the only part I kinda stuck with is the basic atack and the rigth click on the mouse.


God I hope not, why do all the d&d geeks want bards? I really don’t understand it, it’s the absolute lamest class fantasy. Who thinks of a flute and go like “fuck yeah that’s one badass flute, I wish I could use it like pied piper with tights”?

Plz explain this to me, I really want to understand.

Maybe you would prefer an electric guitar with some heavy metal riffs???

The real question is ‘Why not?’

Yeah bard could be awesome ! if we can create our song and play music everywhere. And
play music in a group with several instruments

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No Tnx …game is supposed to be alternate reality Earth ,not alternate reality World of Kotick

So, the ultimate reality earth doesn’t have musical instruments or singers?
Why cant their musical skills be used, instead of just being listened to?

There is a perfectly good clavichord in the back corner… why not have it be used?

Bards would work but only on taverns/inns, not an actual weapon/class. They need to introduce an organic way for people to bond & get together to make the town feel truly alive. Anyway, not entirely against it, but I feel like it would be too jarring seeing a bard fight the corruption or angry earth it just feels off somehow?

Maybe if they repurposed the upcoming Void Gauntlet or one of the next elemental weapons into a bard weapon (enough gauntlets pls) like a void guitar/electric guitar or arcane harp or something.

In all simplicity is the need to acknowledge the importance of something besides brute force or raw power.

Any kind of figth stile could (kinda) be considered a form of art in the sense that is something that can be trained, polished and evolved. Diferent styles of figthing could be compared to diferent types of painting, dancing or singing. More raw/brute ones, more smothe or refinned ones. And obiusly, you can take the comparison to the field of magic.

So why music, or art? It’s (and was) allready there. In the past and in actuall days, all armys have some kind of musical element attach to them. And not jus for 1 purpose. Any national Anthem has the objective of inspiring those who are under its flag.
Now, imagine a guy playing or singing some badass song while you are fireing Ice and meteors from the ass. Making you feel even more powerfull. Being inspired (even in real life) is having a boost. A real life buff. Why wouldn’t you have that in a fantasy world?
And of course, you can have it frome the other perspective. Seeing a guy, singin for the enemie armie. Because F you. It takes you off ward on the list. And deppending on what you would hear and see could even make you feel doubt or fear.
Cause music its allready magic.


Sure ,Bard with lvl 500 Str to lug that thing on his/her back.

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War drums come to mind…

  • You hear the army come before you see it, and the sound of drums brings fear and foreboding, you may even flee before the army arrives.
  • Conversely… you are marching to war, the drums give you purpose, lifts your spirits… makes you fight harder.
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Exactly. Or the horn that belongs to your hometown. I mean, you could even get biblical with the trumpets of the apocalipse.

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Has anyone seen motherland: Fort Salem? This is how a Bard should be made in the New World context and not “break” the mould with weird instruments in a middle of a fight, harping the way to your enemies hearts xD

My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama - YouTube

TIL that guy on the front of that truck in Mad Max was a bard.

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Great reply! I understand now why some like bards, it’s still not in my taste. But I totally understand why you guys want one :slight_smile:

Errh, Bards in D&D is primarily a melee oriented class that has the capability to support their team through spells (they even get the option to choose from all other classes) and inspirations (allowing you to expend the inspiration to roll a die to a single action).

It has one ability called Song of Rest that actually requires their musical instrument to use and that can only be done during a short or long rest - which lets the people that expend a hit die to regain health to roll another die (depending on the bard level) for extra health.

Your idea that D&D nerds want a Bard with musical instruments as their main way of doing stuff in-game is flawed. That is not what bards are about in DnD.

Nor have I actually seen a Bard implemented this way (perhaps except for EverQuest that did indeed have bards running around doing music to damage stuff).

The best example of Bards I have ever seen in a game was the way Vanguard: Saga of Heroes did it. Bards were a melee/support hybrid that through songs could improve various areas of the group such as hp regeneration, damage etc. whilst primarily being an offensive type class that focused on dual wielding melee weapons.

  • It was fun btw to sit and construct your own musical scores.