Introduce a poll system

I believe we should have a poll system before introducing updates. Its sad that sometimes we get changes that the majority of players do not call for. Please introduce a poll system.

I think it would be redundant with the PTR.

OSRS has a poll system and this works really well as it keeps all the players happy as any changes are done by a majority vote. They could do polls for future content/changes then make those changes or add the content to PTR for people to test.

Great idea

OSRS ? Sorry as a none english native speaker I don’t see what it means

OSRS is Old School Runescape. They have a polling station in game for players to give there feedback on. If the feedback isn’t widely accepted they don’t implement it and go back to the drawing board.

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Yeah sorry I know the game, and yes that’s true there community seems to be satisfied by this system.

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Ah no worries! Yeah i really do like the system on that game! AGS could take some notes from other gaming communities and ideas.

The problem with a polling system is that it makes it really hard to add things like new skills/weapons/etc. Since anything that counters whatever the meta is will just get voted out of existence before it has a chance.

They could use the polling system more for core features such as changes to crafting systems and stuff like that and just leave weapons and skills out of it. I would happily vote in a poll for changes of certain systems or new systems in the game. Don’t really care about weapons and skills as long as they fit with the game and can be balanced over time.

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