Introduce PvPvE servers

Currently the game is divided into mostly PvE instances or PvP instances with little tying them together.

Instead introduce a new type of server which allows you to control regions of the map, meaning whichever faction controls a regions then only they will have access to expeditions and elite raids.

Expeditions is easy to implement like this, elite areas tougher. But that could be done if you make it so only members of that faction can spawn in regions controlled by said faction. That way other factions can still access the raid content but should they die, they have to spawn in the closest shrine not controlled by another faction.

This way open world PvP would be central point and tie into the PvE.

LOL no thank u fam… am like both pvp and pve. I enjoy both sides of the world.

Forcing me to choose is worrisome.

I used to be mainly pve but pvp is what brings community together in this game. While pve is almost always solo grinding.

I plead u allow me to enjoy both worlds

This would be a separate server, like the PvP servers in WoW, so you would not be forced to do anything. Just don’t play on such servers.

Idk how wow did it, but being a copy of wow dosent seem healthy in my opinion. Game was great sure… but its passing its time now.

They can make a few more balances to pvp and pve but personnaly I think it fine atm…

I was PVE and if I didn’t have the option of PVP I wouldn’t have know I would like PVP this much. The feeling of learning new things u like or sticking to being one or the other is nice too

WoW also didn’t have horde or alliance controlling raids except for winters grasp, even that wasn’t considered essential. This idea is terrible, limiting it to the faction that controls the territory means that only those that already dominate the server get more benefits. No, infact, fuck no. Its an absolutely horrible idea.

Compromise, instead of this exclusive idea that gives the dominating faction an even more advantage, how about we make a PvPvE instance? Two sides, similar to CTF, or any general equal position point, have them fight, winner of that gets a 2-3 minute head start on the boss or a buff of some sort, and both companies or factions try and kill the other while trying to get the majority of the damage dealt to the raid like boss. Whichever team deals the most gains a chest of value.

This must be a troll post of some kind right?

Copy of WoW? To my knowledge WoW did not have an RvR system. This would be more like a copy of DAoC.

Just because you dont agree with it, does not make it a troll post.

But ok, I am sure this instanced, capped system, where only a select few level 60s get to participate in a meaningless PvP conflict is much better…

Yeah, to the winner goes the spoils. That is kind of a whole point of a conflict. Or are you one of those that thinks everyone that participates should get a medal?

Let me spell it out to you, servers are dying. Adding incentives to be exclusive to specified factions on top of the fact people already generate mountains of cash over crafting and property taxes, it’s flat out stupid. You sound like someone that doesn’t own a single poi, but part of an already dominating faction and you are thinking, ‘how could I get more benefits for being on this winning team?’ How about looking at the fact we need server health? It’s not about rewarding people that pick factions that are losing, but not rewarding factions that are already getting a mountain of rewards.

I never said it was j was commenting on their idea that they should do the same thing as WOW

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