Invasion games/events

Hii current Maramma player :slight_smile:
So trying to think of some things to make invasions more fun. Some of the 15k invasion leaders like to hold events within the invasion, more of a challenge. So far we’ve had “no cows” “naked” “musical bombers”. The more challenging one was no cows where a company member leading has paid 5k to each player who participated in the win against getting no cows. What are some challenges/games that we could do that more people would want to actually participate in for a chance at an additional prize other than what we currently give to each non company member who participates?? I’m up for some ideas.

Pickup game. 10 leaders pick their own group 1 by 1 (like playground basketball).

15-20man rotation squad

Emoter in corruption per gate, the one that lasts the longest wins.(cannot get afk kicked)

Gate protection, the last gate to take damage is the winner.

Full siege team (a person on each equipment, war horns can be repairers)

Chinese fire drill every wave lull, callers will stay.
(Everyone goes inside but must go out to a different place)

No deaths to commanders/spriggans for an entire invasion.

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some of these are actually really good. we have talked about doing a protect the president type thing Emoter in corruption might be the play.