Invasion logic for downgrades

So apparently the logic is thus

The more waves you kill and destroy the more your town gets downgraded IF you fail to kill the last wave.

By this logic the best course of action currently is to totally ignore invasions, that way you just get a single downgrade which will take you 1 day to push back up.

Who designed this???

In my view, the more waves you destroy the LESS you get downgraded not the other way around because you have killed more mobs.

What kind of weird inverted logic is this and before you say this came from a question to AGS support who confirmed that if you beat 4 waves and die on number 5 welcome to 5 downgrades!!!


I’ve not really seen how the invasion downgrading works. However, if what you say is true, then indeed the more waves you defeat, the fewer downgrades should be applied to the town in questions.

That would be exactly my thought as well but its the other way round, the more waves you defeat the more they downgrade if you dont beat them all.

We need to test it by just letting an invasion go and if it only does one or two downgrades then we know the system.

Makes sense, right?

Well, not for AGS

I bet the guy who thought this was a right approach to invasions is the same guy who developed the market UI.


I would love me and my entire faction to be guinea pigs for AGS after N betas :slight_smile:
Remember, we paid for this privilege while the lucky guinea pigs get it for free.

Tbh. can not see the issue here.
You either focus on completing invasion… meaning no downgrade at all + more gold, or you simply let it go by not defending at all, to get low downgrades, or you push for more waves and targeting more downgrades, which means more town board quests for all.

yeah the logic is completely backwards imo, the deeper you go into the invasion the less gets downgraded, I don’t see how it makes sense to do it the current way. I was really excited to jump into my first invasion in a few levels time. But now im abit disheartened

I’ve read now a lot of “support” replies and most of them doesn’t make any sense so better dont spread that unconfirmend information…
They probably have no clue what they are talking about.

Nice something well rounded again.

yeah agreed it does seem very odd to me so it might be incorrect but it does seem to be happening when you loose an invasion at the last bit you get a LOT of downgrades

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yeah seems that their right hand doesn’t know what the left one is up to.


so i just got in an invasion… and we do lose less if we lose instandly then if we lose at the end or win in genera…

Also as a healer your basacly you get almost lowest of points.

This is what you do alot of people suggesting “not to defend” which is ridiculous and outright fails to achieve “a lesser downgrade”. As long as there is no other comment from a dev on this i would stick to this, to have lesser downgrades on the “fun mechanic” invasions.

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