Invasion... pls stop this spam

seriously nobody wants to deal with the invasions discourse?

too many, they spawn quickly, and keep the territory blocked for a long time.
Dont spawn 24 before to event but 48 without time, in this at this juncture without timer of event AGS has not implemented the fact that if the territory is in conflict it cannot go into invasion, and u can lost ur conflict and ur influence bar becouse u nor can it be declared.

The changes at the war they improved the game a lot but you cannot make many statements due to the excessive number of invasions.

please put in one invasion a week, not one every 3 days

For sure. It’s no longer even decent. The items they give should scale with level.

I got a vanilla musket the last one I did, and it was blocking a farming spot for me. It was literally not worth half - dozen ammo I used, and time I had to wait for damnable trees to spawn back in.

Thanks for the feedback regarding invasions Phanix91. Rather than completely lowering the amount of invasions that pop up, do you think it’s possible to make it worth doing with better rewards?

While I completely understand your feedback about wanting less entirely, I’m just wondering if there is anything that would entice you to want to keep the number of invasions around and make them more relevant to you.

Looking forward to your reply!

Sorry for the huge delay in my response. The problem is not in the reward but which occupy the territory and you can’t do the content in this game, WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR.

Anyway I am a big fan of invasion, and i think the drop is so good, not best but not bad, I believe that or the timing is lengthened of spawn invasion or create a system to be able to “move”

Example: Invasions can spawn between 4/6 days you player can vary this time based on how many portals you destroy by entering a maximum and a minimum ceiling, under 100 portals destroyed spawn every 4 days, if if you destroy 150 steps at 5 , if you destroy 200 steps at 6 days. I believe it would be necessary a bar / calculation system of corse.

This would create factional or guild play joining the players towards an objective, to defend their territory, and avoid having constant invasion.

The defenders will be interested in taking care of the territory, by rewarding an active guild and punishing an inactive guild.
The funny thing they would be the forwards on some occasions to want to destroy the portals on the map, maybe to avoid the invasion spawn and create a chance for attack, at other times the defense may choose to clear the portals from the territory to avoid losing the invasion and receiving downgrades.

I dont know i think is good idea, again sorry for my bad english i m italian :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway i am phanix on brittia server (eu Central) again sorry for late replay, I missed the post notification XD

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