Invasion Scoring -- Repair Team

Greeting Adventurers, like many of you I am very grateful for our repair team on invasions. However, did you know that you can spend up 750 repair parts in an invasion and not get enough score to qualify for rewards? Imagine you’re stuck on the repair team. A boring job but by far the most important job on the team. The invasion would fail without the repair team’s efforts. But yet, we fail them by not allowing repair parts to contribute towards score/qualifying for rewards.

Suggestion: If you use at the minimum 100 repair parts in an invasion (you’ll probably use at least 500-750) then you will qualify for invasion rewards. My suggestion is to implement this immediately. Repair parts don’t have to have a huge impact on score or at all. We only need the use of them to grant rewards. If you want them to have a significant impact on score then feel free but if that takes time then do the score balancing later and the qualifying now.

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