Invasion Updated Rewards

Invasions are being ignored because the changes to gear & need to grind for higher levels…

Invasions currently give a single reward box that has a chance to be higher than current gear level.

Why not make it worth the investment of time & effort - why not a gypsum piece or shards?!

This is a hole that the new changes created and needs to be fixed or we are back to dying servers with huge corruption levels and companies cannot afford to rebuild the losses caused by failed Invasions

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Interesting feedback, a small question before I send this one over to the developers ur-Shulgi, if not gypsum pieces or shards what rewards would be worth the effort in your opinion?


Tuning Orbs, cores, corrupted runes, corrupted lodestones etc…

Pretty much anything the would help with the only endgame left: gypsum and shards.

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A guaranteed Expertise bump for any tier of invasion boxes would feel nice in my opinion.

Victory box could award a guaranteed purple-legendary item, since it’s a company/server-wide effort to win invasions. The item itself also has plenty of chance of being a complete garbage combination of perks still, so making it higher in gearscore/quality wouldn’t change it much.

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Sorry for long delay in responding- been out sick. I really appreciate the time to review & reply!!

Gear that is going to be a bump in Expertise. High Tier crafting items. More gold (now that it has become even harder to get w/ consolidated servers) or like hte feedback below.

Invasions are to prevent town downgrades. Given that these are still gated by companies and do not guarantee equal participation for all (much like wars as companies can still boot people), they should NOT have additional rewards (especially higher chances for good items). It seems we’re moving towards everything in the game giving everything so that no one feels left out even if they only log in for one thing. Why?

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