Invasion, whats the point in that invite system?

So what is the point in having a signup system, when you never get a f…ng invite anyway, or well the invite is there, the auto one, but then you get kicked cause they want their own friends in, and they keep on kicking every single one.

So what BS system is that?
The leader can pick 10 players, lmfao yeah the leader can pick all 40 :frowning:

Just so forking sick and tired of this, being online to hope you get a invite and can stay, just to forking getting kicked every single time.

Losing an invasion is very expensive if you own an upgraded town, so you have to be as picky as possible to avoid someone trolling + throwing the invasion. Taking a risk on a random could cost you like 60k in lost upgrades.

The current system could be improved though… repeatedly kicking is not ideal.

If you want to get into an invasion and think you might get kicked because you aren’t in the same company/faction, I suggest messaging the invasion leader to tell them what your gear set is & commit to following directions during the invasion. Just doing that puts you above most of the randoms who sign up for invasions in valuable cities.

Hello @DudeSicko.

I hope you’re doing well.

I understand that current invite system has brought some disappointment to you. We never intended so.

At this point, I do not have a concrete resolution for this. However, we both can surely submit a strong feedback to the developers so they can do something about it.

Here’s how you can submit a feedback from your end, while I submit one from mine as well internally. Submit Feedback - Support | Amazon Games.

I appreciate your time :slight_smile:

Have a good one!

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Nope, wont help anything messaging them, they are 4 Company, that runs the server.
All with the same name, well exept one letter, same banner… and all under same discord, so basically not 4 company but one.

And then they are Russians, so they wont let anyone in that do not speak that language.

@SuperMod Well it is just annoying, it is a major part of the game that you are not getting to play, same with Wars, when the server im on is basically run by 1 company, divided up in 4, there will always be enough people online to fill those spots.

I still have my free token, but moving to a new server, does not really matter, lets say i move now, and then in 2 weeks, there are server merges, and i can then be back in the same position again.

And i would have to create a char on that server first, look how the layout of the zones are, if its bad also, i would have to repeet that process ovcer and over and over and over and over… til end of time, and as said, server merges could happen, and i would be right back :frowning: So whats the point.

I just think it’s worth trying to message them… even allied companies or large companies have issues filling out the roster sometimes and need to backfill with non-company members.

Hopefully the system is improved at some point though. Like if people could set their role when they sign up, that would be helpful so invasion leaders can see… idk what the full solution would be to make it more equitable to people like you without putting territories at risk… but yeah…

You’re absolutely right. Server change may not help in our case.

Ofcourse, wars and invasions are a big part of the game and not being able to participate can be disappointing.

To be very honest, it once happened with me as well.

That’s why I want us both to share our concerns to developers so they can figure a way out.

Please submit an in-game feedback. Trust me, it helps us improve the game for the long run :slight_smile:


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