Invasions are Killing Off Small Servers

Invasions are a big problem on lower population worlds.

One invasion, just over 2mins left when we fall and FOUR stations take a one level hit. (strange, but fort only takes one hit, crafting four…).

It will take at least six days to get those back to the level they were due to less people doing town boards (and less people) and by then it will be time for another invasion, knocking the server even further back.

then it becomes impossible to craft higher tier items, and with the stupid buff to exp needed to reach higher crafting levels and the requirement to craft high end stuff it becomes almost impossible to progress crafting. Want to make voidbent? No chance, station might be tier 5 one day, but not this week.

We’ve already split the workload between two hubs to try and limit the damage (they do certain ones, we do the rest) and now have hourly shout outs asking people to do townboards to try and get tiers back up before they are wiped again.

This system needs changing. Perhaps make it so things are damaged and you can repair them- longer you last in invasion, the less repair is required, which can be done via a separate board/ gold sink, and for less than the cost of the tier five upgrade- as the cost is becoming an issue too as tax revenue drops off a cliff.


This is just one reason why Settlements need to be completely independent of player influence. The whole system collapses when population is too low.

But even before it gets to that, even in medium population servers it is unlikely that more than one Settlement can realistically be well upgraded since there’s not enough traffic and not enough coin generated. There were posts about Companies trying to relinquish control because they couldn’t afford it and didn’t want to run down the Settlements.

Player-influenced Settlements was a nice experiment but there are too many external issues and unstable variables.
Separating Settlements from player influence and making more gameplay modes instanced and independent of server outcomes, opens up more opportunities and flexibility, and can make all server sizes viable.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

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last time i played our server lacked a tier 5 forge and smelter.

I saw yesterday that there are 3 servers with 10 people. That sucks so much for them.

This is happening on our server now. Daily peak between 120-150 players and a chunk of those are bots. One town is currently building the sole T5 forge on the server and the incoming taxes are barely enough to cover payments for the main towns let alone trying to subsidise the lesser used settlements. Every invasion at least 1 T5 capability is lost and takes a while to get back due to lack of players to run town boards, then potentially lost again in the next invasion.

You look at the town ledger for Windsward and the contribution count for refining/crafting/housing/trading taxes are all dropping every week. Rough estimate is ~30-40% percent drop in each area per period (e.g. 2.4 million items refined week ending Nov 19, 1.6 million week ending Nov 26).

You might get one Outpost Rush a day but effectively it is non-existent.

A significant chunk of the remaining active players in the company transferred from another server when initial transfers opened so they’re stuck here for now. Some of us could transfer off but it would leave the rest behind.

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