Invasions? Do people still enjoy it?

I was wondering because everyday on chat I see people asking, begging others to join invasion and few hours later I see announcement of things have been donwgraded due lose.

Is not it reason to think about it, do some revamp or exchange it for another activity? It seems dead and boring after few runs but still somehow “its a must thing” if you want to keep your city in decent state.

So invasion - is it your or punishment for you?

People have been doing them almost daily for over a year. The rewards arent to speciall. The only people that care for them are the company that owns that zone, they dont want shit to degrade. For the other players, if the zones craftingstations degrade, they just go to another zone that has all t5 craftingstations.

I feel like people are just sick of running them and the other people that still run them isnt realy for fun more as its something they have to do if they want to save their companys money.

Invasions are long, boring, pointless and so unrewarding it’s almost an insult. I did one, we lost, I then decided to never bother with them ever again. I’d rather re-upgrade everything to lvl 5 than waste my time doing an activity that basically rewards nothing.

So it sounds more like punishment that makes people burn out than any joy like sieges, territory wars that often people are waiting for.

I have almost 3000h played, and i played 2-3 invasion. Almost all time i was kicked, but i have a build for invasion, but no ones cares.

Invasions should be a 2 tipes: 1 normal that affect the town if you lose, and 2 like outpost rush -with a rating how much waves you defended.

Still sounds boring

Used to be so cool but not anymore, 30m is just too much the first waves is just a waste of time it should start with a high difficulty immediately for like 10m then u gonna see a lot ppl wish to do it

The first 20 minutes is legit a joke, nothing hard happens, then 20-25 min it ramps up but is still easy. Then the only part that matters is like the last 3-5 min when end of wave 7 and wave 8 comes.

So you are sitting 15 min waiting for set up time then 25 min waiting for the actual content to come. Thats 40 min of your day wasted on just waiting.

If invasion must still exists my vision is to implement some challenging bosses one or two and that’s all. It gives good drops if you manage to kill that. Some giant that invades your home. It sounds much more fun than killing horde of brainlet AI.

Some kind of raid.

Sounds, but will not be boring, just imagine defend the gate when a ton of mobs invades you. With every wave more and more.

Just have different types of invasion, there are 4 mob types they have thrown in to the game, 5 if you count beasts. Have the invasion be done by a random one of those.

That will mean it can be 5 different invasions that can occur, will add some veriaty to it instead of just muskets standing in the back shoting and suicide bombers.

If the gear from the chest would be at least worth it… But you can scrap whatever you get without even looking every single time.

One day we’ll get this… and on that day I will be waiting.

Add mutations to invasions.

Unless they implement it in a way where any chests collected before that point in time are not effected :rofl::saluting_face:

Don’t even :sob:

(but in the past for war crates and OPR crates, they haven’t made new items, just upgraded the older chests)

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