Invasions need a swap on downgrades

Currently as invasions go if you intentionally loose within 5 mins you get 1 downgrade. However if you try and win and defend 7+ rounds you loose more downgrades… Currently on our server company’s intentionally loose fast to get the quick gold / azoth win and only 1 down grade.

I think as a game goes and to create more reason to complete and organisation ect, you should get the max amount of down grades at the start and less down grades for every round cleared up to wave 8 at 1-2 down grade and finishing at 0.

The number of downgrades is only dependent on town level and the downgrade can roll onto a station that can’t be downgraded further. Are you sure one of these situations aren’t what you experienced?

No currently you can have a town with max stations 1/2 of them and you will only get like 1 downgrade if you loose as fast as possible. however if you try win and say loose round 7-8 you can get 5-7 downgrades. Should be flipped and 5-7 for finishing fast and 1 for loosing 7-8 rounds in ect.

Was in a invasion with town with lvl 3 all crafting / refining and lvl 5 in 3 refining and gates ect upgraded. They all saying in chat loose fast and as a result only 1 downgrade on the city.

I did read that if nobody signs up for invasion defense nothing gets downgraded, maybe its a bug related to that if you fail in under a minute or something.

Agreed… if u fail in the first 2 waves a downgrade to all stations in the town and fort armaments. 3rd wave to all stations in the town… then paring back from there. The amount of times the leaders say “make it quick everyone” is just ridiculous.

Add to that, the leader should ONLY be permitted to kick and replace people in the first 2 groups, the rest should be auto-allocated and locked so people can’t keep kicking till they get who they want in there.

I disagree with the 2nd part. You should be allowed to select your 50 people who want for invasions. So many times people come and just troll and go afk for easy gold / azoth. Thats why most people kill until they have who they want.

devs stated themsefls that invasion is designed in a way that further you go then more you loose in case of defeat. So like OP stated most governors just loose on the first wave to minimize the damage.

No this is what they said We wanted to clear up some misinformation on Invasions and how they relate to territory downgrades. How far you make it into an invasion does not determine how many stations will be downgraded if you fail the invasion. The number of downgrades your territory will incur if you fail are tied directly to the territory level of your settlement. The higher your territory level, the more downgrades you will incur if you fail. Successfully repelling an invasion will ensure that no upgrades are regressed.

I’ve only red about being it quick defeat to minimize the damage

Yeah it sounds like its a bug that failing really fast leads to less downgrades.

This is not how the system works according to what has been shared by the devs.

This is exactly the opposite of how it should work. The faster you lose the more downgrades you should get and the longer you hold out the lower the impact should be.

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