Invasions need change!

Invasions as idea is good but it is not balanced at all, they require motivated and organized group to handle!

a.) MOTIVATED, there is no motivation to win battle EXCEPT for company owner of the town! 40 random players that get in fight are here to take gold and aetherun and they don’t need to do anything to get this money!
At moment people are joining invasion for fast money, there is a lot of people who don’t participate in fight as they want it to finish as fast as possible and go on doing other stuff!
As it is TOO HARD nobody believe that we can win and it kill will to fight too!
I don’t know how you tested or balanced this but it require crazy gear score, potions, trophy’s in home or even more and until that time nobody will have will to fight invasions!

Guys SAVE this content, i really like idea, but our town is ravaged every 4 days, it cost 45000 weekly tax + 50.000 at minimum for repairs + time to do it, there is no way to keep upkeep so high except for crazy trade hub, it is start of hgame and you basicly destroyed our will to build town that we love!

b.) point is organization, how can i organize defense of town with 40 random people speaking 5 languages in Europe,
– Strrigian break door in 3 maybe 4 hits at gate lv 3??? and HOW to communicate to 50 people that they need to go to this gate and help hill super strong boss monsted in time before he brak door?

  • Commander need special minimap and interface to guide defence!!!

Make it winnable and fun part of game!!

  • Lower Intensity of Invasion that RANDOM squad without designated healers and tanks can handle it!
    - Tie rewards with number of waves that defenders survive AND activity of players!
  • FLAG inactive people and punish them with no rewards ! Ban them from invasion to not ruin experience of others !!
  • Make it so that people who SIGN up select its roles, tank, Ranged damage, melee dps, healer and make it so commander can assign at last people by type in squads!
  • Scale Invasion with town development, if someone is max lv 5 town, then use what you are using now to attack town and raze it, but until then town need a chance to grow,!

Not every town is Everfall with million in taxes and sales!

With all dupes going on and im preocupied about unbalanced invasion …
btw on our server still there is no victory against invasion after 1 month, and now population is low who will repair stuff, 2 days to get any upgrade finished! so 2 upgrades in 4 days between invasions and then 2 - 3 destroyed! When low population servers remain without industry lv 5 and people leave game you can get simple answer why.

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