Invasions need to change

So these are my three experiences of Invasions.

  • Well organised, everyone trying, but we fail on the last few waves as it just seems to much to cope with.

  • Constantly kicked as the controlling company try to remove any one not from their company or their faction.

  • Told to AFK because what’s the point we will lose and we will get the same reward no matter when we lose so lets get it over quick and move on.

This has to change, and these would be my suggestions:

  • You need to lower the difficulty a little.
  • You need to reduce the amount of damage a failed invasion does based on how far the defenders get. So you lose on the first wave and the town suffers the most damage. You lose on the last wave the town only suffers minor damage.
  • You need to give rewards based on contribution. AFK the whole invasion get nothing. Lose in the first wave everyone gets a few gold and no chest. Win and get a large amount of gold and a buffed chest. etc with various levels in between.
  • You need to do something about the controlling company and their ability to kick. Maybe remove kicking but let the controlling company bring as many people as they want but they have to pay for each slot over the initial 10 they use. Maybe remove kicking and make invasions faction only events so only the controlling factions members can sign up. Maybe you need to earn your spot in the invasion by completing portals in the region.
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How far have you managed to get an invasion timer down to?

We have managed 4mins remaining and that is with a bunch of randoms and not everyone using the correct gearing for it.

If your stack is not using at the minimum a weapon with corrupted bane perk + honing stones + corrupted oils + 2/3 corrupted trophies in their houses and a non troll weapon combo then you’ve got a lot of room for improvement before throwing the opinion that invasions need to be easier imo.

Also anything other than repeaters/ballista on siege points is a grief too for invasions.

I’d like to see the difficulty stay at it is as it gives a reason to minmax some pve part of the game.

@Smielgmia that’s my opinion on things as well. The issue right now is if it’s weakened too much, invasions become a come to them for free gold and they do nothing because we never use them.

If invasions are kept how they are we have an issue right now but who can say in a month or 2 when people really get geared and do all the things that they need to do to get as far as possible.

The biggest thing I’d like to see is less damage to the town the further you get. This should scale as it does currently with the town upgrade level. A highly upgraded town that no one defends gets torn apart badly, whereas your backwater town that people don’t care about might only suffer minor losses.

I would say the difficulty is the least important fix and maybe not needed if the other items are addressed. Other points stand though.

  • Sort a better / fairer way to select the participants
  • Give more incentive to try:
    - Reduce damage to the town the further you get in the invasion
    - Give no reward for simply AFKing it
    - Give better rewards the further you get in the invasion

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