Invasions should never override players war declaration

Basically my guild and I were doing quests to fill the influence bar, when it got to full we weren’t able to declare war because there is an “invasion” which in my opinion is very stupid and should never be in the game

the point is, wars declared by players should never be overthrown by invasions… it is completely frustrating and stupid so please do something about it! it happened twice now this week and we can’t bare it

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to be honest, I feel invasions should actually have more impact on zone standing. you can always declare war after the invasion, I suppose its to stop a server from having every last zone in a war on a given day. invasions in my opinion don’t really do much even at level 60

do you even get the point? this game is based around having more wars not hoping some NPCs invade you so you don’t get attacked by players it just sounds plain stupid

more wars does not mean more fun. have you gotten to later in the game where invasions are actually part of the game and not just there for kill clear and loot? also 10 wars are the same time within 30 min of each other every day ? that sounds silly if EVERY zone is contested and in conflict. there is already not enough players that do that content in some situations (aka 5 wars where some are short handed or people just don’t show up). so i don’t see it as a bad thing, but yes once again, can contest tommorow (you know an invasion comes on the map before it even is there so maybe go to another zone that day)

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#1 they can defend their city from being pushed to war
#2 NPCs are overriding our possibility to declare war when WE have worked and put so much effort to push the bar into conflict through so much PvP
#3 I don’t think it is acceptable to waste people’s time working towards a goal that is clear and suddenly ruined by weird invasion mechanics

Have your PVE crew clear the portals while you run PVP missions.

It doesn’t help, we cleared the entire map from portals yet it still got the invasion which is insane

Yeah ok. In that case you raise a fair and valid point. I thought clearing the corruption was meant to prevent invasions. :man_shrugging:

The invasion didn’t override you war declaration though, what you’re asking is that war can override invasion which is kinda stupid as Invasion is pretty much PvE War.

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yes it did override our war declaration, the influence bar was at 0% from both opposing factions in that city and when we filled it, we couldn’t declare war because it said this city is under invasion when it initially wasn’t. So basically, either WE triggered the conflict turning into invasion which could be a bug, Or this system is garbage and needs to be substituted with a more consistent / clear one.

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