Invasions.... Too Difficult?

Okay so is it just me or maybe even the server im on, but are invasions just a tad bit hard to win? Im on server Nepenthe on US-East and we have not won a single invasion. We are trying to have a organized discord to have set groups do set tasks and to have roam groups to kill the bosses. But its really hard to do when you can only choose/kick out 10 people. And we have the issue that people from other factions will join and take repair parts and troll.
Maybe it just needs to be lvl 60 content because of the lvl 65 elite mobs. Its just frustrating to loose and loose and not be able to do anything about it strategy wise.

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I wonder if this is intentional. Given that the theme of the main storyline is about getting a factions to cooperate to fight against the corruption, perhaps the factions still trolling each other should be causing us to lose the invasions. I also wonder if it’s just a matter of that you really need perfect gear and perfect coordination to win an invasion and that was the vision of the devs.

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i mean lvl 50’s get 1 shot by just about everything, i think we are supposed to be able to close portals and make it less difficult but i dont think that works. Maybe its just intentional to make it hard as impossible. And they make it so we cant kick out other factions so we cant “gatekeep pve content” but in reality it lets the other factions gatekeep us from winning lol.

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It was intentional, for gold rotation, if its easy what will companies do with the gold they get from taxes

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Maybe it gets doable when more than just the speedrunners have endgame gear, since that’s endgame content?

In my experience, winning is totally possible.

The problem is people don’t have an interest in winning except for the owning company, who make up one fifth of the total group.

In the invasions I dealt with last night, we lost both around the 15 minute mark.

On both occasions, the gates had barely been damaged up to that point.
We were mostly syndicate with a bunch of other faction people involved.
The gates held by our faction players held without issue on both attempts.
And then one group decides to let the mobs beat the gate down.
Even have a screenshot of people telling others to “lose in 15 minutes” before it even starts.
Yellows who join frequently just take off all their gear.
As soon as one gate is down, it’s game over. The fort defense point folds like a wet paper bag.

The only group who suffers a loss when invasions fail is the owning company, who cannot fill the ranks with players they can trust.

Why would yellow and green want to help purple keep their settlement upgrades? It suits their purposes for our stuff to be downgraded to funnel people to their settlements who now have better upgrade levels.
If the fort takes a downgrade, it literally just makes it easier for them to take the territory later.

I get the intent is for all players to come together for this PvE content, but the humans playing this game see other factions as “The enemy” in all things and actively sabotage invasions.


Have to agree - what little experience I have with invasions - a lot just want the reward and go back to their tasks and others are losing out of spite - just to force the downgrades - to make wars - easier.

It is really a rather simple fix, the other factions joining should also lose or have current towns downgraded. This would fix the sabotage.

The idea is for everyone to come together, that idea should carry over to a loss and all factions holding a town that participated should be downgraded. Incentive to stop tossing a game as I see it.

I hope they don’t make invasions easier - they’re the most fun PvE content in new world. People need to use corruption damage trophies and coatings to beat it


Can’t have perfect coordination when 80% of the group is randomly picked. Just doesn’t work.

I did my first invasion tonight (erm, last night? Guess it’s morning now) and it went horribly. I am Maurader and was defending for Syndacites, and definitely wanting to win but maybe some other Maurader/Covenant was trolling it sounded like. IDK. But the coordination was bad. Nothing seemed to be working according to “plan”. I don’t know. They shouldn’t expect 50 people to coordinate when only 10 were hand-picked.

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Youy dont really require perfect coordination. All it takes is to quickly assign groups to gates and turrets at the start and a group for handling repairs etc.

The issue, at least the one that keeps cropping up in the invasions I’ve done is that all it takes is one single group to decide they do not want the owning company to win and stop trying to kill the wave.
Thats it. One gate down, game over.

One easy solution to this, i believe, is to limit it to 3 gates per wave, selected randomly at the start of each main wave with more mobs spawning per wave.
Significantly lessens the impact of bad actors whiel also making the army have to respond dynamically to the start of each wave.

owning company 1/5th

Nope. In my server they compose from 90 to 100%, yet they fail.

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If you can’t coordinate and defeat an invasion, you ain’t for a territory. Invasions are doable, but it takes effort and coordination and good gear/setup for multiple groups.

I think Invasions aren’t created to just be another content. I am pretty sure that they want them to be hard, because it should be a challenge worth winning otherwise you could just send in some randoms to defend the spot while the actual company holding the territory is doing something else.

Also we won three Invasions on our server so far. It is not only possible it gets easier the better equiped people are - assuming there are all 60 and using a lvl20 weapon - and the better coordinated they get, which is basically becoming easier the more invasions they play. We also won two of those invasions with coordinating randoms through chat. So one was won by our company only and two with the usual 10 company + 40 randoms. I think it’s just a matter of time when people get used to how the invasions work, get their gear and lvl together and then the War against the Corruption is ON!

It’s like playing raids or dungeons in other MMORPG. You need time to actually get into the flow of how certain things and mechanics in the specific content work and then it’s just a routine. I actually like the challenging aspect of invasions and i don’t want them to become easier, because when you think 2-3 months ahead those might be too easy then. And easy is always boring.

the whole server suffers when towns are getting 5 downgrades per invasion. We aren’t able to have 1 or 2 towns with all t5s. Its a struggle to keep one of each t5 on the server. We are able to get it down to about 3 minutes, but at that point there are 5 or 6 bosses in the middle.

they are for well geared level 60’s, i know anyone can join but if you take under geared, under level people, you will lose every time. Lower levels get really upset because they get tossed but I would rather sit out, let them win it and keep our crafting stations updated. Why anyone would want to go fight something knowing it’s a guaranteed loss

What did you do to beat the final invasion especially the final wave? Are you still able to beat invasions after the latest patch like 1.0.5? Did you need to do the hatchet exploit or the fire staff exploit to beat invasions? Did everyone who participate have all corruption tincture and coatings? Was there specific groupings arranged? Was it specific upgrades?
We can get to wave 7 easy but the last waves have multiple spriggan and brutes which are crazy tough to beat. Do highly upgraded towns have worse invasions?

You guys knows that there is like 8 consumables that increasing basicaly everything?

Coatings - dmg
Combat trophys - dmg
Honing Stones - dmg
Oakflesh - physic dmg reduc.
The one from enginnering(i dont remember name) - debuffs resist(?)
Jewelcrafting(?) - elemental resist (?)
Wards - mob type dmg reduc.
Tincure - insta cleanse/debuff reduc
Potions - hp/regen/mana

Maybe try to max your chance instead of going yolo and crying that is to hard.

GL next time “gamers”.

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That is because the game (via PVP) enforces this viewpoint.
We are like warriors fighting in a burning house but our hatred of each other prevents us from realizing that in the end we both burn and die.
There really needs to be a story or RP reason why we would work together.
I think one way to fix the issue is to have the players ‘buy in’ to the invasion so they have to spend something to join and get better rewards if they win; of course if they lose they get nothing and lose their ‘deposit’ as well.

As I already stated, invasion should be a two round content :

  • First round with full random player that want to try it (they’ll likely loose), no kick no anything
  • Second round, if first round was a defeat, with only handpicked player by the company

It allow both outsider or lone player to try invasion and company to handle the protection of their asset