Invasions - topic closed, gm info inside

Corruption forces: Let me in. LET ME IIIIIIIIIIINN
Defenders: Just leave the kitchen alone!


no. Fabian is wrong.

So Amazon is actually punishing players for defending their cities. What is the logic behind this? You should do the opposite.

Fabian is wrong.

Think the logic would be fine if the rewards were actually good.
We beat all 8 waves (due to a bug otherwise hell no we couldn’t) and the rewards are like almost the exact same as wave 1 perhaps 10 more gold? if even

Got proof mate?

So the incentive is either win or lose as fast as you can?

I agree this makes no sense at all. It would seem the more waves you defeat the less enemies would be left at the end of the battle to do damage to the town… :thinking:

Hi everyone,

We wanted to clear up some misinformation on Invasions and how they relate to territory downgrades. How far you make it into an invasion does not determine how many stations will be downgraded if you fail the invasion. The number of downgrades your territory will incur if you fail are tied directly to the territory level of your settlement. The higher your territory level, the more downgrades you will incur if you fail. Successfully repelling an invasion will ensure that no upgrades are regressed.

Individually, you will be more likely to get better rewards the more you contribute to your team. So, contribute to your forts defense and make sure you’re giving the Corrupted all you’ve got! We’re keeping an eye on the tuning of Invasions and we appreciate the feedback we’ve received so far on this feature.



yeah, I play the game. failed invasions have the same impact no matter how far you get.

How are contributions tallied? If I’m tanking then odds are I’m not getting many kills. Does that mean less points for me than DPS?

So like Calibrumm and Boreal said… The OP was wrong.


right here bud:

Hey bro Outpost Rush when?

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dude, theyve already said theyre working on it and dont have an ETA. stick to the topic, theyre not gonna respond to annoying spam like this.

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Sounds like the Customer Service team might need to RTFM.

“The beatings shall continue until morale improves.”



There have been dozens of instances where emails from CS (real or not) that make statements on game mechanics have been wrong.

Please do NOT accept anything a CS says about game mechanics or functionally as the way it actually is in game.

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I raised a topic on the forums following information from your Support team that I thought was credible. Since there is little available information on how Invasions work or FAQ about them. Please delete topic DO NOT DEFEND vs Invasions - #172 by JamieD and post a pinned Knowledge article in its place.

Thank you!

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op btfo, just delete the thread.

Anytime someone make a thread, “don’t play a part of the game” its just shilling or trolling. Report and move on.

Simple as.

This still sucks. Losing 5 upgrades per invasion is stupid as hell.