Invasions - topic closed, gm info inside


I raised a topic on the forums following information from your Support team that I thought was credible. Since there is little available information on how Invasions work or FAQ about them. Please delete topic DO NOT DEFEND vs Invasions - #172 by JamieD and post a pinned Knowledge article in its place.

Thank you!

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op btfo, just delete the thread.

Anytime someone make a thread, “don’t play a part of the game” its just shilling or trolling. Report and move on.

Simple as.

This still sucks. Losing 5 upgrades per invasion is stupid as hell.


OP admitted he was wrong just above your reply, and hes not completely to blame since this did come from a rep. the issue is the rep was wrong and never should have replied because it was never a customer service related question in the first place. I dont know why OP asked a service rep about a game mechanic and I dont know why a CS rep responded to it.

I get the 1st place every invasion (more than 50 until now) and haven’t got a decent drop until now.
My watermark is 585+ for everything.

So… the Customer Support told us the wrong thing?

Well, here we go with the discussion on what the customer support knows and what’s unclear to them.

And what about the other issues of people using the current system to troll and grief by kicking randomly during the invasion, or purposely cause losses?

Don’t only answer part of the issue.

outsourced CS is almost always wrong in every company. its not just Amazon. no one should have ever expected a CS rep to know anything about mechanics, its not their job.

We are forced to raise support tickets because we suspect bugs or broken features. Often we are right and we get confirmations about some things but often we don’t get a meaningful answer. The official game site does not have Knowledge articles on core systems of the game so we search the forums which are not a reliable source.

Cool when is he going to retract the post (edit out the lies)? Never? Why? Because the point is to discourage people from playing New World, and the CSR btfo him.

Shills mad

I’m just asking because based on this we basically can trash their statement regarding the mini map overlay as well.

read the title of the post again. its been edited. relax.

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so just win the invasion then. PVE too hard for you “hardcore pvpers” around here on this game?

Meanwhile ignore all of the literal shills still spewing non-sense about “he’s not completely wrong guys”

Just stop

brainlets will be brainlets. literally just ignore them.

Not the point. This disinfo and constant demoralization affects the community.

This game might be neat once its out of Beta. KEK

thats true but the forums and reddit are only a small portion of the community and there will always be people and tabloids that just say whatever gets attention and do zero research on the subject. negative news gets more clicks.

despite the shitstorm that is this community the game is still 300k strong and has mostly positive reviews on its only platform, Steam. dont let the “this gaem id dying” tards get to you.

Where is logic in this? What kind CS reply is this? I mean come one AGS…

So with this it’s currently not worth defending if you are not 100% sure you are able to complete it. Shouldn’t this be done this way that every defended wave should lower the amount of downgrades?

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