Invasions - topic closed, gm info inside

Wait what :joy:

How does this make any logical sense


Welcome to the shit show…
cannot find any words for this non-rewarding system…


Lol this is most ridiculous thing i have ever heard.
It seems AGS declared a war against logic.


it seems to be you guys here are actually dumbasses and have no clue about the game :smiley: it depends on the status of your town, not on the time you have left in the invasion LOL. simple example: we have 5 minutes left in windsward, nearly every main refinement station to 5 → 7 downgrades. we have 5 minutes in reekwater, not really much built there → 3 downgrades. This thread is hilarious, you guys made my day!

trusting support is not really efficient. another thread someone asked support if selling a town is ok, they answered “yes”. On another server someone got perma banned for doing that…so :smiley:


I never got any of that in the one invasion I manage to get in. It was just 1 piece of common/green chest armour for trash bin nothing else.

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I hope you can support this conclusion with something from the devs? Or maybe an article explaining how the system works?


hahah the conclusion is playing the game! Dont expect a damn dev to come here and tell you how their game works!

You are right, this would never happen, devs in games have no interest in players understanding their games, they just want them to pay the money and shut up :slight_smile:



@Luxendra PLEASE give us the comunication promised and confirm this.

I wish they would turn the downgrading around.

Ignoring Invasion/Beating 0 Wave = 8 Downgrades
1 Wave = 7 Downgrades
2 Wave = 6 Downgrades
3 = 5
4 = 4
5 = 3
6 = 2
7 = 1
8 = 0


but what have you been doing? are you new to the game? doesnt your server get to the same time all the time? then you should notice, lesser upgraded cities get less downgrades.

that would be too logical! so forget it :smiley:

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They can’t - towns can’t rebuild -8 upgrades on day 1. But yes - set it at 4 upgrades and deduct 1 for each 2 waves cleared with bonus loot if completely defended.


We know it, too, but don´t care. If sth becomes downgraded, we upgrade it again. :slight_smile: More experience and fun. And it can be also a tactical decision before tax payment.

plus invasions are bugged lately. some of these cool youtube videos you see with invasion wins are just bugged ones where bosses dont attack the gates and players xD

We´ve reached 6:30. It isn´t impossible to beat. You need coordination and a bit of luck (not too many spriggans or too many bosses on 1 gate). We had 5 Brutes and 1 Commander on 1 Gate in the end. XD

WOT? Were being punk’d right? Ashton Kutcher? Where are you?

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the action begins in wave 8 xD thats why at the moment 95% of the players wont beat it. Most videos you see are just bugged ones. Same goes for our server - 4 min and then it gets too hard - but it gets even harder at minute 2…

Yeah, but most of our 60er are still equipped with low gear score rubbish. ^^

We got 5 bosses on 1 gate - all 50 people were there + repair party untill they ran out of parts. And that is before the giant skull …