Invasions - topic closed, gm info inside

invasions are designed to not really be won all the time I guess. But time will tell^^ without 50 players with coatings, 580 gs weapons which have the corrupted damage bonus, 3 trophies - good luck :smiley:

Yes, you need atleast 5-10 bosskiller specced players. They rotate and focus down the most dangerous enemies.

Oh look, more end game content you wont be doing. I’m not shocked honestly.


Invasions are a great addition to the game. A little OTT for many gamers, especially in the later stages, but still a break from the normal grind.

The main reason people sign up though is the reward. Win or lose - it’s too good to pass up and unless that changes, you town owners need to suck it up as part an parcel of the game. If you can’t handle it - give the town to another company who can.

The game has a little risk and that’s part of the game play when you take over leadership of towns in New World.

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Time to give my best to defend invasions for my enemies in their towns HE HE


It’s a tactic for sure @Jessique

A fair and valid one.

However, I think it’s also one who could then exclude other faction players from those events, keeping it in house to try and defend their towns resources.

In time - players will best these invasions easily. Right tools, right builds, right people though and all these worries about losing upgrades, will end if we can keep the player base active enough. :frowning:

This makes absolutely zero sense. On any level.

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Yeah at this point I am really surprised that we’re not swimming out of water while walking underwater (guess that’s due to them being too lazy to put an actual swimming animation into the game).

Some design decisions here are so mind-boggling dumb, I have no words.

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This makes perfect sense up to a point :slight_smile:

To sabotage somebody go in and survive to wave 7, then AFK.

Mate, which town you said you own and manage?

On our server only 2 towns make ends meet (Evenfall and Windward) because the majority of taxes come from trading and those are the central trading hubs. The Town Upkeep missions do not work (also confirmed via support ticket) and less and less people buy houses/pay rent because at lvl 60 they can’t afford more than 1 (in the said central towns).

With regular Invasions (yes, there is a schedule interrupted only by wars) the towns have to rebuild 4 upgrades a week which sets them back 40-50k at the higher levels. On low population servers we don’t make that in taxes and we slowly devolve back to T2-T3 stations. The other factions/companies don’t want a losing town and we spiral down, leaving 1 faction in power since they got the key towns.

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I mean. It could just be terribly written if English isn’t their first language.

Has anyone tested this out?

If it is accurate. It makes no sense at all.

think about this concept, u lose at wave one some small mobs come in and destroy ur upgrades. you lose on wave 7, those huge skulls shoot your upgrades, im guessing this is their logic?

Some AGS workers:


We noticed this in game and we raised a support ticket. They just confirmed it.


lol it sounds like the people brainstorming ideas in AGS have never played many games

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People should still defend. I don’t even see the downgrade of things to be that negative.
My reason for that: Once everything is upgraded, you barely have any town board missions to do and leveling your territory takes wayyyy way more time.
Not to mention that you get rewards for participating regardless of winning or losing.

I’ve shot myself in the foot for places like Everfall and Windsward where the majority of things are maxed out.


lol you can’t craft or refine properly or defend well enough if that settlement has everything being downgraded

But. What?

Yeah so they have confirmed it. But can they provide more information. Like. Logic?

Patch notes.
If you drink from the town well. You gain a golden cow to ride around all day.

That makes more bloody sense than this.

Have you noticed how many comments and views this post has but no reaction either way from the AGS or the Forum GMs?

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Why would they want people not to try,

What the crap.