Inventories, Discard, and Markets

When it comes to your own gameplay:

Do you ever list tems on the market simply to make room in your inventories?

Do you ever dump items on the market without regard for the item’s price because you’re trying to make inventory space?

Do you ever discard items?

Do you gather everything that you can or do you just gather specific nodes?

Somewhat related questions: when you leave your “base”, what’s your plan? Are you gathering and returning to the same town? Travelling to another town and gathering/fighting along the way? Do you use settlements as a pitstop to compact your inventory before moving on?

I’m curious how other people approach the mechanics of separated markets and inventories.

A trio of storage towns with the main one for refined only and the others raw or refined once at least.

I rarely go anywhere without gathering a bag full of usually mixed goodies as I travel from one to the other and normally refine at least once at each.

Sometimes I’ll concentrate on one resource in particular.

I have a few stable things that sell consistently to ensure I can make rent but I don’t sell to free space.

Looking forward to the combined market, will definitely help long trips for single items etc

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No, i don’t sell anything that is worth less than 10 coin. If it worth less I dump it on the ground or keep it stored if i feel it will be worth something, or needed for crafted at a later time. I really only sell items in high demand which changes really fast.

Same as above.

pretty much the same as the first.

specific nodes

I travel to specific spots for farming, i have 3 houses, i use them as storage for specific crafting. Any other town is used for long term storage. For example, if i have 1500 platinum ore i will store that until i need it in a non recall town. I will not gather any more platinum if that town storage fills with it.

I don’t really sell in towns that are not where my houses are. The only exception is if the price is significantly higher. I always check all prices when selling by searching all settlements.

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I more or less gather what ever is available unless I am in need of a specific item. Even then I will often gather other items on my way to find needed item.

I have one place where I keep much of my Cooking, Alchemy, crafting modifiers & Gem crafting items. Which is where I set my Inn. I keep my ores & leather, cloth, some crafting modifiers. In the town where I have a house. I keep repair items at all storage places along with items I randomly drop on my way through while questing. If I know I need certain items for crafting I will try to make sure I have everything I need if it requires me to traveling.

Also if I am going to certain towns to use the trading houses. I bring associated items with me. (like if I am looking to purchase a ring I may bring an extra gem) etc. I only sell practical items or items I perceive to have value at the trading house. I do not sell items to make space. I ask a friend if they need any of my unwanted items or I will scrap it if I am able. But I also find myself discarding items.

If I am leaving a town to go to another. I sometimes will pick up potions or crafted foods or quest items from storage & bring them with me on my journey. If I know my goal is questing. I try to drop all extra items at that current town storage. I do from time to time go from storage to storage to gather all like items to have them all consolidated in certain places. But also leave other items. Like foods extra potions as needed.

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  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. Yes.
  4. Typically everything I see.

It depends on what I’m doing. When I was leveling, I would take every quest I could, including town board and faction missions, then I would go out and do all the quests I could before returning to the town.

And yes, I always refine as much as I can when I get back to town to lessen weight. I don’t mind the separated storage so much as I mind the weight restrictions.

For example, if I wanted to craft a whole bunch of arrows and store them for ongoing use, I probably can’t because I don’t have the weight.

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I usually have a plan when i leave town, but it always ends up the same way
“Ooooh look, shiny things…chests…ohhh Hemp etc”
I am and always have been a hoarder in games like these

I do drop things on the ground, like levelling arcania with the Hyssop method as its so cheap, the potions are worthless so they get dropped, or if i see an extremely low level character i will transfer some to them.

Yes i use the trading post as storage
Some items i want or need to keep in bulk are cheap as chips on the trading post, so i just double that price and pay the usually less than 20 gold to store them for 14 days, knowing i can take them out anytime i want in any town

Selling things in this game is turning into quite a niche thing, i have my staple items that always sell and keeps the rent payments going, but weapons and armour unless luck or gathering based get salvaged

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  • I don’t waste my coin and risk overfull storage to use market this way. I hump the stuff to a new settlement storage for later.

  • When I was going for that final push to 175 woodcutting or even 200 I would chop and drop full inventory loads of aged wood(my time is worth more than the penny Market was offering).

  • I am a scourge and reap all. except regular wood and rock.

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I can’t even begin to describe the massive amounts of Bumbleblossom I’ve thrown on the ground. Weaver’s if littered with that stuff…

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