Inventory QOL suggestions

A couple Quality of Life suggestions.

Gear Loadouts:
There is an immense variety of gear and crafting sets. Having a ‘loadout’ interface to more easily and quickly switch your equipped items for a given situation (like crafting) would be amazing. We would need to have a decent number of loadout slots. There are 16 crafting sets (correct?), plus having a number of pve and pvp options as well.

If implemented, I would assume there would need to be limitations such as ‘no switching while in combat.’
I dont know if you(AGS) would also be able to tie in having attributes as part of a loadout?

Inventory sorting:
A number of extra sorting options would be immensely helpful. The few I would like are; weapon type, gear slot(chest, head), locked/unlocked, item quality(uncommon, epic), by name(alphabetical).

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