Inventory too full to move

Sooo I decided to buy some items en masse from the trading post. DON’T DO IT.

I’m at 2633/523 carry weight, and I find out, I literally cannot move.

Not only can I not move, but I can’t drop enough items to be able to move, because the discard pile apparently has a maximum weight as well. And I can’t have multiple discards since, you know, I can’t move.

So I either have to (A) give it to randoms and hope they give it back (unlikely) or (B) drop a stack and log out to lose it forever but be able to drop more to move again. I also spent all my gold on this stuff.

Honestly, considering they don’t mention this limit anywhere and the trading post happily let me purchase past it, I’m pretty dang annoyed. I bought so much stuff because most of it is iron and wood that was going to be refined into much, much less.

edit: Just to prevent the suggestion, I dumbly used “unstuck” to see if it would move me. It sure did. Very far from anything and everything. So I cant list back to the AH. I’ll have my friend make a character and schlep to me.


Lesson learned, I hope.

Lol wow, what an interesting issue. Do you not have any friends to come help?

Nope, I’ve been waiting for server transfers so I’ve intentionally not made connections on this server :confused:

You forgot (C) post the heaviest stuff back to the auction house so you can move.


We have a winner

Relist them on the Trade Post at a slightly higher price than minimum so no one will buy them straight away.

Run to your storage shed and drop off what you can. If it gets full, port to another city, cancel your listing and repeat process until it’s all stored

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Oh yea, why don’t you just spend some gold listing stuff and you’re good?

I used the “unstuck” feature in my haste, so now I’m not at the auction house. I’ve never used it before, so when it started doing the recall animation I was like “oh no, don’t wanna do this”… but couldn’t cancel it.

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Rest in Peace.


Which server you on? My 2nd toon was just for testing stuff, so i can delete it and have a free slot. I have time to help you out

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So what you are saying is that you are trying to achieve a softlock challenge.

I hate to say it but after reading about all the bugs then reading this thread I starting laughing out loud, legitimately lol’d because It was such a funny last straw for me

sorry about your luck


Iron and wood sell pretty quick, you could try spamming area chat for trade sales at 0.01 below your server average. I’d but cheap iron and wood, lord knows i still need a ton of it

Good ideas! I think I’ll probably coax my friend into using his extra character slot to haul the stuff for me.

Yeah, it’s hilarious, sad, and (if it happens to you) so frustrating! But now more people know at least…

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I’m picturing a guy walking up to the trading post and ordering 20,000 stone and then being completely buried in rocks in the next frame of the drawing.


That would be a great comic short. I hope someone makes it haha.

That’s not far off, if I’m doing my math right. They bought at least 2500 weight worth of iron ore and green wood (if their inventory was already full, so likely a good bit more than that). Let’s see, 1 iron ore or green wood is .2 so that makes 12500 if I’m calculating this right. I’m going to speculate we’re talking in the realm of 15000 in total.

Something tells me this was a get rich quick scheme that didn’t go as planned.

I was going to craft some trophies and hopefully make at least… a few hundred gold… and hopefully level me enough to make iron chests (oh the IRONy).

I have 6373 iron ore (1274 lbs), 3102 green wood (620), 1536 aged wood (307 lbs), and 691 water motes, 515 earth motes, 496 air motes.

I encountered this issue while mining.
Since I was already over-encumbered I just continued to mine and on the last one before I entered town… I was stuck. I had to get rid of some ore just to make it to town to sell it.
The max weight is your encumbered weight doubled I think.