Invigorated Punishment dmg bug

Description told us, that extra dmg added on SKILLs (Abbilitys), but in fact IP add dmg to any attack, light and heavy.
This is an extra reason of big dmg from bow\GS\Muskets and etc.
Devs shoud specify is it a bug or not. Does it work correct now, that all attacks receive dmg bonus from this perk?



lmao, most of the classes you mention run ME as that’s far more overpowered.

so IP isn’t the issue of the balance, the bug/tooltip error is real, but as none of the OP classes actually use IP it’s not the problem balancingwise.

also the perk is like this since it was released, but the question is if it’s just a bug or a tooltip error.

i mean, looking at the potential of ME, i really hope they decide it’s a tooltip error if they ever take a look at IP.

the problem, that IP seems has a wrong place in dmg formula and letting reach crazy numbers on weapons, where is passives with extra base dmg. Like it multiplying it, not addin extra X%.
How is it even possible with 1200 (example) base dmg land a shot for 8k dmg (before dmg absortion)? Ill try to make a video with more details later

i highly doubt that

if you multiply the few % of IP or just add it as it is, you won’t catch a difference in gameplay, as that’s only a difference of <4% in dmg, more likely even less.

i mean, if that’s really the case, the classes with crazy high dmg numbers that randomly oneshot you would be bruisers, void gauntlets and mages, as these are the people using IP
everyone else is ME and those guys hit for 8k as they have 30% permanent empower from ME.

i think you’re on the wrong track.

Hey there @UnknowmMantra. Thanks for the report! I sent you a DM to gather more details about the issue you are experiencing regarding the Invigorated Punishment damage buff.

Its probably the tooltip that is incorrect, and it should say it applied to all all damage.

Devs should say, but they asked to send a video to them and still nobody watch it.
Some time ago i made another bug report about ingame bug, but for 1m+ nobody from devs watched video…

Hey! When you tested it last time?

i made video ~1 week ago

Can you link it pls?

reason? You can test it yourself, just take a friend with NO BUFFS (even food), make few hits, than ask him eat food, or get buff from skills and dmg again…
I wanna track, when devs will open the video…How long it takes? 1m? 3m?
Really, i do not understand why they even need a video of this bug, it is easy to track in code with out any video…

Counts only non-consumable buff, dude

If you really want they solve it quick, then make some efforts to make some visual proofs. And you have more chances they pay attention on this faster.

does it said anywhere?

Still, u can use any buff and test it urself.

Video was sended to them, but they do not care

I am interesting. Will do some tests.

Agree with lack of description. People know it through tests. Also need to add that “on player” means enemy player that you fight.

Also you can check what’s counts buff, what counts debuff, what counts rend etc. on nwdb. For example, type any food effect and you will see it is not a buff, just status effect