Invigorated punishment (from the Champion's ring) appears to be broken

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    Castle of Steel
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing:
    The invigorated punishment perk appears to only take 1 buff (from the target) into account, rather than stacking. There is no dmg increase / personal buff, but that might be by design.
  • Is this a bug or an exploit:
    it’s a bug
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced:
    Started a dual and tested numerous buffs. Never got to witness an increase larger than 2.2% dmg.

Known issue on the Arena Update Known Issues thread. Was really looking forward to using this ring. Shame.

I tested incense, energizing meal, gathering luck, and stat food. None seem to count as a “buff” in open world pvp. Do you have to be in an instance or duel for the perk to activate? What is a “buff” if none of those?

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back in december they made long duration buff from consumables and bufffood not counting as buffs anymore, so it doesn’t get removed by nullifying oblivion.

so buffs are only short time buffs, mainly stuff you get from your weapons like short time fortify/empower buffs

I thought they changed nullifying oblivion, not the buffs. I mean, food buffs are still buffs. The ring’s description is inaccurate if you’re saying this is intended behavior. How the heck is anyone gonna get to 8 buffs (maximum perk effectiveness) with no consumables counted?

Tested on a healer friend with fort stacking, below is the testing using an Ice Gaunt with t2 arcane gem. Dmg showed is Ice/Arcane split. There was no dmg difference on champ ring past x3 buffs (had the healer add x2 forts + x1 haste). Def busted.

x0 - 902/363
x1 - 805/324
x2 - 757/305

x0 - 902/363
x1 - 821/330
x2 771/310

ICE RING 4.9% dmg
-x0 946/363
-x1 - 844/324
-x2 794/305

Thank you for reporting this! It looks like it is the case where several buffs are not triggering IInvigorating Punishment and we are investigating and working on a fix!

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Thank you, glad it is being looked at. Although it is strange and frustrating that the development team added new perks and did not test them. It took me 5 minutes to test this with a healer friend in a duel. How are things like this missed? When easy things like this are missed, it continues to destroy faith in the development team’s ability. It seems every time we get a new perk pool most of them don’t work or don’t work as intended.


The new pvp perks aren’t working in instances as well(opr,war,arena)

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have to second this

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