INVINCIBILITY EXPLOIT - being used in wars constantly

New World Invincibility Exploit!!! Please fix!!! - YouTube

That’s all I need to show, I tested this as well and it is legit… You wonder why you see people standing on points in wars and not moving at all yet you can’t kill them? This is why.

People are taking cities left and right abusing this garbage.


This is by far the biggest exploit I’ve seen so far. The War Lag Exploit is already ruining wars and this is much worse. Anyone that is seen doing this should be immediately banned.


amazon got our money

this game is dead im sorry to say

my group found out is you cc the fuck out of them so cc hammers will fix it

On Orun we lost a war this way, we all were thinking “This is crazy lag” But we noticed they all were 60’s, and new eachother and we could see all of our guys moving, but not theirs.

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PAX on Tritonis does this during wars. They have their bait man with the hatchet so you attack him, and then they come in and drop everyone that was focused on the bait.

Lol you MUST be validus. Exploit this and exploit that. I love we live in your head rent free.

But I digress no one in pax uses the hatchet exploit, the ice gauntlets lag exploit or any other flavor of the day exploit you all come up with. The fact that omni trolled all of you is kinda funny and just makes you look sad.

Just stop witchhunting which I BELIEVE is actually against the terms of service.

I’m from Validus and I’ll agree with you in only one point: You didn’t use the hatchet exploit during siege!
BUT you have exploited the ice gauntlet lag and many other exploits, and your so called omni is currently exploiting live on twitch even after an oficial statement from the CMs about it! :rofl:
So stop the “we don’t exploit” lies and man up! You do it knowingly, and you do it live!
In my opinion that’s very unfortunate because the one siege we had with PAX that didn’t lag everything was one of the best sieges I had, you guys have what it takes to be good, you just don’t believe it yourselves for some reason!

That aside, the only ones to really be blaming this on in AGS! If they really cared about the problem it would have already been patched! AGS is just not ready for such a release, it’ll take time to stabilise the game! And to be honest I’m kinda ok with that, give them a month or two and see how things turn out… If by then the game is still full of game breaking bugs I’ll just consider it dead and move on!

This is being openly used and discussed on Ferri. What they do is haste pot in. Spam IG on point and back line, then use the invul exploit on point. Takes about five minutes to win. Average damage in each match is about 50,000. Top damage is under 300k. Used to be around 2,000,000 before yellow and green started exploiting.

You say “you” and encompass all of us if what omni is doing is bad then why hasn’t he been banned yet? Have you asked yourself that?

I can guarantee that I have never used a exploit in launch. In alpha? You bet your ass we did to find and report everything we saw. We reported and BROUGHT Kay to a bunch of them for her to see for herself.

Now to address this “ice gauntlet exploit” you all LOVE to crow about on here that we supposedly use in wars. We ran 10 mages in the war last night for everfall. 10. Not 20 not 30…10. Your own ranged lead was yelling in his stream to drop ALL aoes on the point. So by that account aren’t you somewhat to blame for the lag as well? Weird how it only goes one way.

Yes the storms don’t stack and we have tried to overlap them so there is constant damage on the point. This is true. It’s HOW a mage gets so much dmg in wars. Your own people do the same thing as I stated. You can’t blame a guild for trying to do as much damage as possible in a short amount of time.

That’s called “burst” and it’s pretty standard…see ALL pvp mmos lol.

I will however agree to what you said at the end. I’m with you 100% that this is all on AGS currently as all of these issues have been reported hundreds of times over and over again durring the alpha and beta testing phases.

@Dat1 @Jabulba

Aww. Look at the pretend soldiers doing pretend things in pretend land and then talking mad stacks at one another in real life.

Good times! grabs popcorn



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Didn’t you know that playing the objective is an exploit? Also doing abilities is an exploit. We should all just stand on the flag and emote. Best emote wins the war.

I challenge you to a dance off bro

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