Invincibility exploit is back and ruining wars

Happened on EU server Vanaheim Xi NOWHERE yesterday during battle for Brightwood.

Basically, the windowed mode invincibility bug is back and needs to be fixed asap, because it will ruin wars and any sense of fair play.

What you need to do is use Ice Gauntlet Entombed skill, then hold the windowed mode border, and when you get out of Entombed, you’re invincible and can hold point forever.

Same thing with making an evade (roll) then holding the windowed border, again, invincible.

Using hatchet berserk, reaching the passive invulnerability, holding windowed border - invincible.

Jumping off of fort on the last fort point capture, then holding windowed border - freezes invincible mid air above point and still able to contest it.

If this is not going to be fixed, there’s literally no point in this game war PvP aspect.

Literally every exploit can be fixed by just disabling the windowed mode, but I’m not a dev and you know it better. OwO


Economy - RIP
Sieges - RIP

It remains to break the respawn of mobs or resources and you can move on to the next game.


Cheating, hacking, Lack of fair pvp can kill the game.


Yeah would be nice if AGS would acknowledge that this bug still exists. I remember reading somewhere in patchnotes that they supposedly patched it, guess not


Its really probably hopeless. AGS should just shutdown NW tomorrow and be done with it.


Or, you know, start banning cheaters.
if they had taken swift action and started with that, players would know not to risk using it.
Then of course they should have disabled Wars until they figure out how to fix the exploits and cheats. But even this they didn’t do.
Even turning off Ice Gauntlet skills temporarily would have been a useful solution.
Instead, they have done literally nothing to stop the cheating except add some code in 1.03 for research.

Now the cheater culture is spreading and the problem will get worse every day.


Had this last night on Crommyon during the war for Everfall. We have 7 videos from 7 different PoV’s displaying blatant use of the Ice Gauntlet & Hatchet invincibility expliot. The war was completely unwinnable. We had to talk our players out of switching to windowed mode to level the playing field…there are soooooo many posts and sooooo many videos on youtube exposing this exploit and ever showing people how to do it so HOW is this still a thing.

This is ruining the prep and hard work everyone puts in to a fair and fun war.

This company in question which transfered to Crommyon recently will literally take over the map and the only way to stop them would be to exploit ourselves. If this is how you want your game to be played then so be it. If not then prioritise this asap or even disable wars until you fix the issue!


Large amount of players just standing still not taking dmg

Again a high number on players just standing still not taking dmg

We almost take the point, there back line freezes and stop dying…


We lost a war to a migrant comoany about 10 dudes who arnt even 60 glitched the points and took over. Good thing server migration was high on the list ppl can now go and ruin other ppls realms

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Here, first link is the forum I made for it also occuring on our server. Second link is a video that was uploaded A WHOLE WEEK AGO that explains the whole exploit.

Servers are actually still being ruined by this bug. I can’t believe it has been a known exploit for a week and it can still be used today. They have not even disabled wars yet. Our server already got completely ruined by it. We took a big hit as a community. Players are on a break now, some even said they might be quitting because of this. I don’t understand how Amazon is still allowing this to happen. Just disable wars at least. We already lost our territory and I assume we are not getting it back. We will not use the same exploit to reclaim our territory, but we can’t get our territory back without. The chance of Amazon giving it back is quite the same as zero I guess. Permabanning the players that abused the exploit is just preventing other things to happen, it does NOT FIX WHAT HAS HAPPENED. It is not enough, we need more.


Banning cheaters only prevents them from doing other stuff, it does not fix what they have already been doing.

I think this one is separate from what you posted.

Still better than nothing

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Amazon please fix your broken game and this needs to be fixed before Wednesday!

same here :frowning:

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I honestly disagree. With the right mindset a lot can still be fixed.

Devs need to make a post that if anyone was found cheating or activly abusing a system to make a war unfair it should be a perma ban

Ban all those that abuse it… I dont get what People get from cheating
Just making a war boring


I do not understand how gamebreaking exploits like this take SO long to get fixed, its outraging! Shit like this should be hotfixed within a matter of hours or days.

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They should at least say something. Even just saying “we’re looking into it” would be something. But they have not done ANYTHING yet that we know of.

Does Amazon Games think they will not hemorrhage players as people sit back and lose settlements that they have put hundreds of legit hours into earning to the people exploiting over and over to gain an unfair advantage? Do they really expect most of their player base to hang around and put more time into the game just to constantly lose everything to exploiters?

I know plenty of people that have left due to exploits and Amazon’s lack of action against exploiters (stating the writing is on the wall) and plenty more just hanging on to see how they handle the current exploits and people doing them. If Amazon continues to sit back and allow cheaters to profit, this game will continue to go downhill quite quickly and merging will not help.

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