Invincibility Exploit used against us during war! Please fix!

  • What is your character name in New World: Kona
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Bilskirnir [NA EAST]
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: (summary below)
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: EXPLOIT BIG EXPLOIT
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: We lost Ebonscale Reach
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: Hell no, we would have to raise influence and re-declare war
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced: (attached youtube video explaining the bug indepth)
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: (attached youtube video explaining the bug indepth)

Today, during a war we noticed that players were standing still / idle at the points without taking any damage. Because of this “invincibility” they were able to take the point and ultimately the fort taking our territory. We first blamed this on lag / ice gauntlet bug, but upon further inspection in a video clip that one of our faction members had recorded they were clearly exploiting.

This exploit was easily discovered as its almost possible on any game. (I will attach videos below) At its core, the exploit prevents the user from receiving any data from the server (damage, fall distance, etc.) by putting themselves in a “stasis” state. To enter said stasis mode all you need to do is switch your application to “Windowed” and once you get to the point you drag the window around your desktop and it will make you immortal in game. You will not receive any damage dealt during this time until you tab back / let go of the windowed application. This can be used anywhere in the game, wars, duels, or just falling off of a mountain. We have tested this extensively after the war and have come to the decision that this is what they had been doing.

Additionally, if the user is holding a Hatchet and has the “Immortality” perk unlocked, the server will not be able to detect their “Immortality” counter going down allowing them to infinitely loop their “Immortality” perk making them unkillable.

This post is to spread awareness of this Exploit, this is not a message of malicious intent to begin using this exploit everywhere. I did not know how to get the attention of developers without making a forum post because there is no community discord, etc.


The issue is they can’t cap if youre on the point as the defenders. They could all be doing this and while i agree this is an exploit on the attack it does nothing if the defending players are standing on the point. The only way this can be used as an exploit is if you are on defense.

Holy moly… There’s a million other “my first MMO” mistakes in the game but this is insane… Super easy fix and super easy method of punishment to all who used/are now using it after seeing this. I really hope this gets fixed quick and a check on logs to ban all players that repeatedly received this buff.

You have no idea about this bug, sir.

I was there. Initially also thought that it was due to bad server lag until I looked further into it.

It’s honestly utterly pathetic that so many sore, toxic companies/factions have to resort to these exploits because they can’t win by playing legitimately. I’d feel ashamed of myself if the only reason I won was solely due to cheating. Well, I hope they feel better about themselves.

Also, I have a friend in Marauders who participated in the war and apparently, they’ve suddenly(After this war, of course) raised concern about having Syndicate spies in their discord servers. One wonders why.

It’s hard to tell with only showing 20 seconds of video that you posted but I do see their health bar going down then back up instantly. I also see like 11 healing circles on the ground under them. Maybe I’m wrong but it looks as though they are strait out healing your damage, those circles tick for 300 health a piece, if you got 10 or more then that’s 3k health a second

See all the video or see that New World Invincibility Exploit!!! Please fix!!! - YouTube
The hp bar is moving but you are invincible until release the window mode.

Oh shit that’s terrible, if they don’t fast patch that quick there’s going to be a lot of unhappy people

This is absolutely gamebreaking, this is not only a bug but a very easy to reproduce exploit, wars are now basically unwinnable while defending, with this, the aoe exploit, the random kicks and client crashes during war, the influence auto clicker issue, wars and territories are now completely broken


We just tested this in game.
It’s entirely legitimate and needs to be fixed.
If this isn’t fixed PVP will be worthless.

Also, this works in all PVE situations as well.
As seen in this screenshot we managed to block a laser with it.


Amazon pls fix this!!! This isn’t just game breaking it is a “this game is trash” type of bug. Just do your job PLS!!!


If the PvP community is so intent on using various exploits to destroy PvP, I think the next major update AGS should do is simply pull the plug on PvP.
It will cost them more time and headache to (1) plug the exploits (2) find and sanction the cheaters (3) fix the damage from illicit gains, if they are even going to bother doing that.

Even if they simply delete characters of all exploiters in a war and suspend the accounts, and maybe even disband the exploiting Companies – it is clear that there are simply too many cheaters for PvP to be bothered with. (And we’re not even a month in, so deleting characters and disbanding Companies is, IMO, totally viable).

If there actually are NO significant penalties for all the exploiting we’ve seen with lags and now this invincibility cheat, then the legitimate PvP population will probably abandon ship (and why not?) so PvP is sunk anyway.

Don’t blame AGS for failing at what every other MMO has failed to do trying to salvage PvP from exploiters.

Exploitation ruins the game for everyone.

Boa noite, estamos há quase 2 anos reunindo pessoas e nos preparando para o lançamento oficial do New World, estudamos o jogo, preparamos estrategias e formamos a nossa Guild com objetivo de nos tornamos uma das maiores Guildas e mais reconhecidas do Brasil. Porém, desde o beta infelizmente sofremos problemas com determinados players, desde abusos de exploit, discursos de ódio contra membros da guild em lives, e até ataques de DDOs, e mass reports.

Superamos tudo isso como guild, não nos deixamos abater e viemos para o Oficial com o melhor time que conseguimos formar, determinados a dominarmos o nosso servidor e assim foi feito, com 9 guerras seguidas invictos.

Há 3 dias foi revelado um Exploit onde Invicibility, outro que eles tem habilidade infinita (com machadinho), e outro que durante a guerra os personagens não levam de canhões por causa do lag causado.

AGS pls fix this bug.

Still waiting on even an acknowledgement from AGS about this exploit…

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This totally P’s me off, hundreds of hours of gameplay waisted building up companies/factions to have territories taking away by means of exploit, now each of my houses say I owe 2,200$ in tax every 5 days! … this is nuclear BS! Amazon needs to fix this and review and right the wrong.

Happened tonight on our server and a group using this exploit managed to take the settlement because of it. Amazon needs to fix this NOW as many games have ended up failing due to exploits like this. Legitimate players will not invest time into a game where everything they work for can be easily taken away with cheats/exploits. I suggest Amazon put an end to wars until they have this under control. Action should have been taken days ago.

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