Invulnerability Exploit

We really need an official response and intervention about the war invuln exploit. This is already rampant; At the very least wars should be halted until the issue is resolved. If not addressed quickly people will start leaving as it will ruin the only end game content you have available to us at this time. Gamers are not patient. Ban those doing it taking a hard stance here will promote the competitive scene and allow this to thrive. Sadly if a soft stance is taken or it takes to long this will follow the path of many other games who were exploited early and often. I do not want this game to suffer its too much fun.


Agree 100%.

This issue came to Amazon’s attention over a week ago and the only thing they have done is acknowledge that the issue exists while the exploit spreads like wildfire across all of their servers.

At the very least, cease all war activities and/or inactivate the hatchet perk while working on client side vulnerabilities.

Sitting idle while known exploits like this continue to spread and national bad press articles on Amazon’s failure surface, will soon require the hiring of a full time surgeon to stop the hemorrhaging of players this game will soon see.

Amazon, quit stating you know the issue exists and take action to stop the bleeding by putting immediate mitigation in place to prevent the exploit and then take quick action against those that actively used this exploit.

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This bug has existed since CBT, maybe before? I didnt play alphas. Good luck.

Do they even reply to bug reports? I haven’t seen a single “yeah” or we.

Amazon has serious communication issues it’s amazing… Lack of transparency from the dev team.

There is another post already [EXPLOIT] Gamebreaking invincibility exploit! Works in Wars - #105 by NW_Mugsy

and it also got acknowledgement from Dev

Honestly been saying it for awhile now but why did they not turn wars off… we lost almost our entire map to the desync exploit. Now it’s just who ever is on attack abuses it (yes it’s still there even after the aoe change).

I don’t know how much longer our lads will hold in…

If they act too late, some players may resort to the cheat simply to counter the cheat being used against them.
Then it becomes harder to separate cheaters from people who “have no choice” because of inaction by AGS.

PvP is self-destructing because of cheater PvPers.
And AGS is tacitly allowing this by silence and inaction. Even making an announcement that they are following up with sanctions would help.

At this point the next update really should be to pull the plug on PvP altogether. It’s not like legitimate PvPers would really want to stay in a skid row filled with exploiters, or expose themselves to more cheating in the future with no recourse or action by AGS.

When AGS finally acts it had better be fantastic because legit PvP is basically kaput now.

I saw that but that’s not a good enough response for such a severe issue. Less things have killed good games. I don’t see the issue in stopping the bleeding while fixing the problem. Most of us would much rather take a week off wars to know that they will be good or legit when they return compared to knowing your likely to just lose because you refuse to cheat.

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1.0.3 notes out and no mention of the exploit or possible fixes. Very likely we get no fix for another week. not looking good. very sad that its going down this path when something simple could alleviate it.

thank jesus

Yes, but almost as important, are they going to take action against the exploiters to set a precedent that exploiting is not tolerated in New World and rid our servers of these scumbags?

i hope so. sadly now it exists with the ice gauntlet so its not gone entirely

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