Is AGS mining crypto with my computer or what is going on?

After the patch my game is running high on every core, gpu and cpu temperatures are higher by 15-20 Celsius, frame rate drops in towns are really high.
I have updated all of my drivers, no difference there.
I have never feared before that game can turn my computer to a toaster, but first time for everything right?
Capped fps to 60, dropped settings from very high to high, no impact on temperatures.
What is going on with this game?

Hello @Octavo,

I’m sorry for the issue you are having, overheating can cause performance issues with any computer, and the symptoms can vary depending on the situation. Some common signs of overheating:

  • Unusual fan sounds
  • Blue screen
  • Constantly reboots or shuts down
  • Non-fan-based CPU overheating
  • High temperature

If you suspect your computer is overheating, you can try the troubleshooting at Intel Support to start.

Hope this helps, take care.

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